40mm vs 44mm Apple Watch – What Size Apple Watch Should I Get

Apple has made quite a lot of changes over the past couple of years in its watch series, which is exactly why it is hailed as one of the best wearable brands anyway. But yes, by introducing new innovative features, changes in the design, equipping with vital sensors, and variety in case sizes, Apple has made sure they fulfill all the needs of their customers.

The first 3 watch series of Apple have 38mm and 42mm case sizes, which changed when Apple launched Series 4 in new case sizes; 40mm and 44mm. Afterward, Apple Watch Series 5, Series 6, and Apple Watch SE also came in 40mm and 44mm which is the reason these two are still the most talked-about sizes. But which one is better? 40mm or 44mm Apple Watch.

If you’re wondering which Apple watch size you should go for, you have landed on the right place, because in this article we compare both 40mm and 44mm sizes, and will see which one is better for you.


40mm vs. 44mm Apple Watch Comparison at sight

The main difference between the 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch is in their size/dimension, display, and battery life, while all the features are still the same in both of them.

Specs/Features Apple Watch 44mm Apple Watch 40mm
Dimensions 44 x 38 x 10.4 mm (1.73 x 1.50 x 0.41 in) 40 x 34 x 10.4 mm (1.57 x 1.34 x 0.41 in)
Weight 36.5g 30.5g
Display Type Retina LTPO OLED, 1000 nits (peak) Retina LTPO OLED, 1000 nits (peak)
Display Size 1.78-inches 1.58-inches
Resolution 448 x 368 pixels (~326 PPI density) 394 x 324 pixels (~326 PPI density)
Build Glass front, ceramic/sapphire crystal back, aluminum frame Glass front, ceramic/sapphire crystal back, aluminum frame
Battery Li-Ion 303.8 mAh (1.17 Wh), non-removable, Wireless charging & 18 hours of usage Li-Ion 265.9 mAh (1.03 Wh), non-removable, Wireless charging & 18 hours of usage


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40mm vs 44mm Apple Watch: Display size

40mm Apple watch comes in a 1.58-inch Retina LTPO OLED display screen with a resolution of 394 x 324 pixels, and the dimensions of 40 x 38 x 10.4 mm. 44mm Apple watch on the other hand has a bigger screen consisting of a 1.78-inches Retina LTPO OLED display, with a resolution of 448 x 368 pixels and the dimensions of 44 x 34 x 10.4 mm.

Now from the looks of it, the 44mm Apple watch gives you a broader display size with high resolution than the 40mm Apple watch, which is obvious since both the models are different case sizes.

Apple Watch 40mm vs. 44mm: Band options

Normally, the bands for 38mm and 40mm are compatible with both Apple Watch sizes. Just like that, you can use the bands of 42mm for your 44mm watch as well. That said, if you find band options limited in some way, or want specifically customized bands, then you can always go with the variety of them available online.

40mm vs 44mm Apple Watch: Weight

However even though both these models have different display sizes and height options, they still have the same thickness or thinness, which means if you’re going with the bigger watch size that doesn’t mean it would be bulkier than the smaller one.

One reason for this is that Apple has to put retina-display, chipset, battery, etc. in one compact size, and if the 44mm watch is going to be bulkier then the users would go with the slimmer version of it. That’s exactly why both these models have the same thickness and thinness.

44mm aluminum Apple watch weighs around 36.5g, while the same 40mm variant weighs 30.5g. Stainless steel adds around 10-11g extra to both models. But in general, there’s a difference of 6-7 grams in both Apple watches, which is not much of a difference but the 40mm is still more lightweight than 44mm.

40mm vs 44mm Apple Watch: Battery life

The increased weight of the 44mm Apple watch is because it comes with a bigger battery as compared to 40mm. The former comes equipped with Li-Ion 303.8 mAh (1.17 Wh), a non-removable battery, while the latter comes with Li-Ion 265.9 mAh (1.03 Wh).

Although both these watches have a battery life of 18 hours with mixed usage, since 44mm is engineered with a bigger battery, so technically it would last longer than the 40mm variant. So, if you’re looking for improved battery life, you should consider the 44mm model.

40mm vs 44mm Apple Watch: Text Feature

You can send text messages through Apple watch using the text to speech option or typing it in an old-fashioned way. Since the 44mm Apple watch offers a bigger screen, which means if you’re a texting person, you will it find way too easier from a normal viewing distance, making it a perfect texting smartwatch.

40mm vs 44mm Apple Watch: Wrist size/Ease of use

All these differences are of no use if you’re not comfortable wearing the watch. To make sure this doesn’t happen with you, should consider your wrist size first. 40mm Apple watch is generally meant to be worn by people with smaller wrists, while the 44mm is made for people with bigger wrists.

But there’s no hard and fast rule for that, since people come in all shapes and sizes, and so are their preferences. A person with a smaller wrist can go for a 44mm watch, and the one with a relatively bigger wrist can go for a 40mm watch as well. It all depends on your preference and ease of use.

According to Apple, the 40mm Apple watch is meant for people with 130 to 140mm wrists, and the 44mm Apple watch can go well with people having 140 to 220mm writs. But it can vary for different people, hence the best option would be the one which would make you feel comfortable in wearing, and won’t become a burden on your wrist.

 40mm vs 44mm Apple Watch: What size is best for females

There’s no hard and fast rule for women wearing only 40mm since it all narrows down to one’s preferences. The sole reason for suggesting a 40mm Apple watch to the females, is because of their thin wrist size, which might go perfectly with it.

That said, women can always choose a 44mm size, if they want a somewhat bigger watch on their wrist, depending upon their wrist. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that the watch you’d wearing should be comfortable to wear and does not weigh the wrist down. Otherwise, you’d find it very hard to hang it on the wrist all the time.

40mm vs 44mm Apple Watch: Pricing

There’s probably a difference of 30-40$ in both these Apple Watch versions, which isn’t much considering you’re already spending 350+$. Having such a minute difference shouldn’t affect you in choosing the watch which can go along with your personality and add aesthetics to it.


What Size Apple Watch Should I Get? 40mm or 44mm

Well first off, you should see what see which size is suitable for your wrist. If you’re not comfortable wearing your smartwatch, which you would be wearing to sleep as well (If you like your sleep to be monitored), you might get bored and stop wearing it whatsoever.

That’s exactly why your priority should be choosing the right size. After that, you should see if you want a larger display watch or a comparatively smaller one? If the latter is your answer you should go with 40mm, while if you like bigger watches in general, you should go with 44mm.

44mm Apple watch can last longer than a 40mm watch, but it would cost extra bucks as well. Similarly, a 40mm watch is somewhat lightweight as compared to a 44mm watch. That said, all these differences are subjective, hence there’s no clear winner here. Therefore, you should only go with the watch you find easy and comfy to wear.



How many inches are the 40mm and 44mm Apple watch?

40mm Apple Watch has a display size of 1.57-inches, while the 44mm Apple watch has a 1.78-inch display size.

How big is the 40mm apple watch?

The 40 mm Apple watch comes with a height of 1.57-inches (40 mm). It has a width of 1.34-inches(34 mm), and a depth of 0.42-inches (10.7 mm). Plus it weighs around weighs 39.8 g(1.4oz).

how big is the 44mm apple watch?

The 44 mm watch has a height of 1.78-inches (44 mm). It has a width of 1.5-inches (38 mm), and a depth of 0. 420-inches (10.7 mm). Also, it weighs around 47.9 g (1.69 oz).

Do I want the bigger or smaller Apple Watch?

If your wrist size falls under 130-200mm then a 40mm watch would be suitable for you, and if it lies between 140-220mm then you should choose a 44mm Apple Watch.

Is the 44mm Apple Watch too big for a small wrist?

Not really, people with small wrists can also opt for a 44mm Apple watch if they feel comfortable wearing it. Although the ideal case would be measuring your wrist size and going with the size which suits the wrist.

Is a 40mm watch too small for a man?

No, this depends on the wrist size. If the size of your wrist, lies between 130-200mm then you can go for a 40mm watch regardless of gender.

Can I use a 40mm band on 44mm?

Ideally the 44mm being the larger Apple watch, it won’t fit. You might have to go with 42 or 44-mm Apple watch bands to fit the wrist perfectly.

Does the 44mm Apple Watch have a bigger battery?

44mm, being the bigger Apple Watch comes equipped with a slightly bigger battery. Although both 40 and 44mm watches are meant to last for 18 hours, the 44mm might have a slight edge over 40mm in terms of battery life.

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