Apple Watch Series 5 Review – Complete and Detailed

The Apple Watch Series 5 is one of the first smartwatch models with notable features such as the always-on display. Previous models required you to raise your wrist before seeing what was on the screen, but this new tech has changed all of that.

Now when you glance down at your watch from any angle or position and see not just a date and time in seconds with useable information—but also every notification imaginable!

It’s packed with a lot of new features and is more powerful than ever before. The Watch 5 design has been revealed, and it is identical to the previous year’s model. There are now ceramic and titanium options for different wrist sizes, which look pretty sweet but come at a high price.

In this blog post, we will review some of the major changes in the Apple Watch Series 5 and why you should buy one for yourself or someone you know!

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch 5 Design

The new Apple Watch Series 5 has a big display with rounded edges that look less like a square. There is also an improved brightness, and the screen now goes almost to the edge of the device!

The Series 5 watch is a drastic redesign from the last series. It has bigger screens than previous models, without bulkier, and an edge-to-edge display that slightly resembles iPhones.

The Digital Crown also functions as a scrolling function, making it easier to scroll through different applications or make emergency calls on this sleek new design.

The new titanium finish on the Apple Watch is designed to complement a range of styles and personalities. The only real design change from previous models is that it’s made with lighter-weight materials, which means you can easily switch between gold and silver without feeling weighed down by your choice or regretting not going for the more expensive option.


Apple Watch 5 Display

The new Apple Watch Series 5 has solved one of the first-generation’s most common complaints. The issue with having to raise your wrist was quickly addressed as a major design flaw.

By finally releasing an option for watch faces that are always viewable, users will no longer be inconvenienced or feel like they’re missing out on notifications when their watch’s screen is face down!

When you look at your watch, it can be easy to see the screen just as quickly and with much less brightness. When you lower or move your wrist down after looking up like this, there’s a good chance that any large portions of bright colors will become black to save power.

With the always-on display on your Apple Watch, you can see the time and any notifications that come through. Unfortunately, it also dims when it’s inactive so as not to distract people around you with a bright screen in their face. However, the Workout app will still display your metrics, even if they are not active at this time!


Apple Watch 5 Battery life

Apple Watch Series has a new, smaller battery that lasts up to 18 hours on average use. In comparison, that’s an hour more than the older model versions.

Several improvements have been made to Apple’s watch batteries. The always-on display does not seem to be as much of a drain on the battery, at least when compared to how it was with Series 3 cellular connectivity.


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Apple Watch 5 Performance

That’s not to say that Apple has made no changes in the performance of its latest smartwatch. Series five features a new processor called the S5 processor. However, the changes in this latest edition of the watch are focused primarily on battery life and energy usage rather than any noticeable increase in power or speed.

For example, one notable change is adding an always-on screen with a low-power controller to extend the total running time up to ten hours (depending upon how you use it).

Apple’s newest update to iPhone is a Bluetooth antenna which will make it possible for you and your watch to stay connected better than ever!


Apple watch 5 WatchOS6

Your WatchOS 6 experience will be much more enjoyable if you have a newer Apple Watch, and the latest model runs those features exceptionally well. That said, these new features are coming to older models as well, so it doesn’t hurt to think about which one of them is suitable for your needs.

The OS update for the Apple Watch brings new features, with improvements to design and clarity. For example, the Now Playing screen is more functional than before, while Walkie-Talkie mode now tells you how to use it by simply pressing on a yellow circle instead of being unclear about instructions in the past. These changes offer enhanced functionality that users will enjoy.

Another new feature introduced in WatchOS 6 is the Activity Trends feature. This app is helpful for people who are interested in keeping track of their daily activities. It can also be used as a motivation instrument by encouraging users with personal fitness goals or compete against friends!


Apple watch series 5 Protect hearing

Apple’s newest watchOS 6, is here to protect your hearing. The noise meter app allows you to set up notifications that notify you if you’re in an environment too noisy for prolonged periods.


Apple watch 5 Menstrual cycle tracker

This new feature in Apple Watch Series five is the perfect tracker for those who want to track their menstrual cycle. In addition, women can receive notifications when their periods are likely to begin.

The application also monitors fertility windows and helps you make educated decisions about your reproductive cycle.

With this information at your fingertips, it’s easy for females of all ages to plan and stay in control as they travel through life!

With the Health app on your smartwatch, it can be fun and easy! All you need is some basic information about your cycle, like when your last period started and how long each one lasts.


Apple watch series 5 New Breathe App

The newest app on Apple Watch Series Five will help you stay calm during stressful moments with its guided breathing exercises designed to combat stress and anxiety through deep breaths.

  • Sleep tracking improvements

Another great new addition is the sleep analysis which monitors your heart rate variability while sleeping – this information helps identify irregularities like apnea or snoring based on how much oxygen one’s body needs at night time to function

  • App store

The Apple Watch is one of the first smartwatches that offers an app store, but unlike other devices, it isn’t just for downloading apps. You can also use voice commands to search online and execute your requests from afar using only a few simple words.

  • Fitness

The Apple Watch 5 is the same as its predecessor; it still has GPS and a heart rate monitor. There are now two upgrades to this latest model that make navigating easier than ever before: there’s a compass inside so you can always see which direction you’re going in, plus an elevation sensor to show how high up into space or down below sea level (depending on where you happen to be)

Apple has always striven to deliver the best possible experience for its customers. That is why they have introduced new features in their iOS operating system, which are going live this week as part of an update including three big improvements for developers:

One of the latest features includes the compass sensor that gives you complete information about your current position and displays elevation, complication and inclines data.


Apple watch series 5 Storage

The Series 5 has double the storage from last year’s model. A feature like this will be convenient for people who love apps and music!

The new Apple Watch now offers twice as much memory as last years’ models, with 32GB of space available on the GPS + Cellular/LTE and non-cellular versions. And if that wasn’t enough to entice hoarding app users like me, it also comes in more colors: gold stainless steel, silver aluminum, or gray titanium nitride ceramic (think fancy watch).


Apple watch series 5 Emergency Calling Feature

Apple’s watches, the Series 5 and 4, both have a variety of helpful features. For example, apple highlighted that cellular users could make international emergency calls when buying their watch.

This means when you’re traveling abroad, or at home without your phone on hand, callers can choose to activate it (or enable it if your apple detects any hard falls) and contact local emergency services right from their wrist! The only downside?

Your device needs an active data connection to use this feature – but don’t worry because all new models come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi connections as well as Bluetooth capabilities. So even if there isn’t internet service available nearby, they’ll still be able to connect online through wireless hotspots throughout our world.


Apple watch series 5 Price

The GPS + cellular model of the Apple Watch Series 5 is suitable for those who want to use the smartwatch as a standalone device without carrying the phone with them. However, they are expensive compared to the GPS model since it also comes with the cost of a cellular network subscription.

Since the GPS variant does not require a cellular subscription, it is an affordable option.


Apple Watch Series 5 vs. Apple Watch Series 4

 Battery life:

Apple Series 5 Smartwatch is the newest Apple product. The battery life has stayed at 18 hours, the same as that of Series 4 but adding an improved screen that promotes power efficiency makes the smartwatch perfect.


The new Apple Watch Series 5 is a more powerful device than the past models, but it still retains its sleek and slim body.

With the new always-on display, you don’t have to tap the screen or raise your wrist to see the time.

This is a feature that many watch users, including me, had been waiting for since it first became available on competitors’ watches more than three years ago!

Meanwhile, Apple Watch Series 4 uses the raise and tap function.


The Apple Watch Series 5 has new titanium and ceramic shell, adding aluminum, stainless steel, and more standard gold or silver cases. This makes it look different than previous versions of the watch with its smooth curves.

“The design is very sleek,” said designer Daniel Li about his admiration for series five’s aesthetic features. Such as curved corners, which allow you to see your wrist better while wearing clothes like sweaters because they follow around natural contours in our wrists.”

Compass Feature:

Unlike previous generations of Apple Watch, the Series 5 features a compass and a compass app. This app provides you with your current incline and elevation along with latitude and longitude coordinates at all times.

With this information readily available on your wrist, it’s easier than ever to find out what mountain range that breathtaking view belongs to or where exactly an unfamiliar city lies close to the proximity.

The Apple Watch Series 4 doesn’t include the compass feature.


Final Words

Aside from the Samsung Gear S3, the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 are among the best smartwatches in the market.

The differences between them may be minimal, but it all depends on your needs. For example, if you prioritize Always-On Display, compass, or extra storage space over other features offered by Apple Watch Series 5, such as ECG readings – then getting a cheaper version might be what you need to do!

It is almost as small a difference as we’ve ever seen between Series 5 and Series 4. It boils down to a few things for most people: do you value an Always-On Display, onboard compass, or extra storage? It might be worth upgrading but if not, then save some money by picking up Apple Watch Series 4 instead.


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