Best Kids GPS Watches and Trackers 2022

Technology has undoubtedly advanced very fast in the past decade. From computers to laptops and smartphones to smartwatches, technology has evolved everywhere and people of almost every group age is getting benefits from it, one way or the other.

Kids nowadays are more tech-savvy than ever before. They have grown up with technology around them, and it’s only natural that they take advantage of everything the world has to offer, and one of them could be a GPS watch.

In a world where safety is important and technology has been embraced by all ages, it’s not uncommon for kids to have their GPS smartwatches as well. As parents become more aware of the dangers that lurk in our day-to-day lives, they will be able to keep tabs on their children with ease. Kids can be anywhere from school or at a friend’s house and the parent will be notified so they know exactly where they are.

Some time ago, the thought of GPS trackers for kids seemed like a bad idea. People had their doubts and were afraid that this new technology would be abused. But over some time, these fears have gone away and now we can see how useful they are, especially in today’s fast-paced world where kids want to go out and explore on their own.

There are many GPS smartwatches and trackers for kids available in the market for parents to choose from. That said, we have reviewed the 10 best kids GPS watches and trackers that you can buy.


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10 Best Kids GPS Watches/Trackers


1. Cosmo JrTrack 2 – Editor’s choice

cosmo jrtrack 2 kids smartwatch | 4g phone calling | text, voice, & sos | gps tracking watch | camera | flexible cosmo plans black

Cosmo JrTrack 2 is a good smartwatch for kids, and it can be a great way to keep a tab on your kids when they stay at Grandma’s or play outside without you worrying. Perfect for 5-12 years old, this smartwatch has GPS tracking and geofencing for peace of mind when your son or daughter gets too far out of the house.

Keeping track of your kid’s location can be very easy from Cosmo JrTrack 2 that keeps you notified of your child’s whereabouts. Its GPS capabilities with 3-point verification make sure of the precision in this matter.

Cosmo JrTrack 2 is a must-have for kids who love to explore. With this watch you never have to worry about your child getting lost again, since not only you can track your child’s location, but set up safe zones for them so if they go beyond a certain limit, you’ll get alerts about it.

Get in touch with your kid whenever you want to. Cosmo JrTrack 2 comes with 4G connectivity and can give you two-way communication through which you can call your kid all the time. Since there’s a camera on top of the display which means you can video call your little one if he’s running late from school or playground, and they can send their selfies and voice messages as well.

If you’re worried about your kid getting distracted from these features on his/her wrist, you can simply use the class mode which is more of a parental control mode where parents can restrict the features of the watch, so they can fully focus on the class/school.

Kids can use the SOS button in any emergencies where it will call the concerned authorities right away. Cosmo JrTrack 2 also lets the kids only text/call those numbers which the parents put in the trusted contact list so they can stay safe from wrong unwanted numbers.

Cosmo JrTrack 2 can go on for a day after getting fully charged, and approximately 1-2 days in standby mode.

Specifications & Key features:

  • Color: Black
  • Display: 1.4-inches
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Resolution: 320 x 320 pixels
  • Front camera: 0.3 MP auto-focus
  • GPS tracking
  • SOS mode
  • Geo-fencing
  • Two-way calling
  • Class mode


  • Kids can easily call/text their friends
  • Provides secure browsing
  • Good tracking features


  • No games
  • Average battery life


2. XPLORA X5 Play

xplora x5 play - watch phone for children (sim free) 4g - calls, messages, kids school mode, sos function, gps location, camera and pedometer (black)

XPLORA X5 Play comes in a 1.4-inch TFT touchscreen display and a 2MP camera mounted on top of the display for taking pictures and videos, which can be saved in the watch because of its 4GB storage space. Keeping an eye on your kids has never been easier since this smartwatch has got all the features both the kids and parents need.

Parents can keep track of their kid’s location with XPLORA X5 without any hurdles, since it uses multiple services for that, and makes sure to give close to accurate location of the device.

Although your kid will be wearing the watch but parents will have access to all the functionality of the watch through the phone app. Parents can use school mode when their little one is in the class to avoid the distractions, which will ultimately make this watch just a timepiece, and all of the features won’t work. You can track their location and the SOS feature will also work even in the school mode.

XPLORA X5 comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, which means that kids can make and receive calls all the time. Parents can save up the contacts with which they want the kid to stay in contact, and after that, they can make calls no matter where they are.

It can be a fun way for the kids to stay connected with their friends and family members, as they can send text messages, voice notes, emojis, and whatnot with no distance or communication barrier.

Kids can see how many steps they have taken during the day with its pedometer feature, which can help motivate them to stay fit and healthy. Along with this, parents can put safe zones such as home or school, so they can be tension-free and don’t have to wonder where the child is, and the SOS emergency button lets the kid have the backup he/she needs all the time.

Kids don’t worry about getting it wet during the rain or showering since the XPLORA X5 Play comes with IP68 level water resistance, which means it won’t get damaged under 1.5m depth of water.

According to the company, XPLORA X5 can last for 5 days but it varies from user to user.

Specifications & Key features:

  • Color: Black
  • Display Size: 1.4-inches
  • Display Type: TFT touchscreen
  • Camera: 2MP
  • GPS tracking
  • SOS emergency calling
  • Two-way calling
  • Parental control
  • Pedometer
  • Water-resistance


  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Two-way easy communication
  • Different types of connectivity
  • Kids can take pictures whenever they want to


  • Complaints about average battery life


3. TickTalk 4

ticktalk 4 unlocked 4g lte kids smart watch phone with gps tracker, combines video, voice and wi-fi calling, messaging, 2x cameras & free streaming music

A bit bulky in shape but TickTalk 4 is the perfect smartwatch for kids by all means. Whether we talk about staying connected, parental control, or fun activities for kids, this watch is equipped with all of these features, making it the best pick for kids.

TickTalk 4 will give you the precise location of the kid all the time, and since the watch doesn’t have an active internet connection, games, and social media apps, it is safe for kids. Along with this watch has 20+ parental control options, so that the parents can have the check and balance they need on their kid.

Most of the kid’s watches have just one camera usually present in front of the display, but TickTalk 4 has two 5 MP cameras, which sounds too good to be true. One of these cameras on top of the display is there to take selfies, and video calling, while the side camera lets the kids take pictures of random scenarios and locations.

Yes, the kids can make and receive calls from the watch using Wi-Fi and without it as well. Sending voice messages, emojis, and photos is very easy since this watch lets you stay connected with your loved ones like it’s meant to be.

With daily step goals, your kid will stay active and in shape since it will be keeping track of his/her steps. They can see the progress at the end of the day and can have that sense of achievement and competition with these goal-based exercises and reminders.

Kids can access a lot of songs, stories, and podcasts that are kid-friendly and are free as well with TickTalk 4. But to make sure that the kid stays focused in the school, parents can use Do not disturb mode, which would disable all the features of the watch instantly.

TickTalk 4 is water-resistant which makes it durable to some extent, and since the watch is only IP67 level water-resistance it is advised not to be used when the kid is going for swimming sessions.

After getting fully charged, TickTalk 4 watch for kids can go on for 2-3 days, along with the standby time of 4 days as well.

Specifications & Key features:

  • Color: Black
  • Display: 1.54-inches
  • Camera: 2 x 5MP cameras
  • Water-resistance: IP67 level water-resistance
  • GPS tracking
  • 20+ parental controls
  • Activity tracking
  • Music player
  • School mode
  • Water-resistant
  • Fall-proof


  • Durable
  • Exclusive parental control over everything
  • Good tracking features
  • Easy two-way communication


  • Bit bulky which might weigh kid’s wrist down


4. PTHTECHUS 4G – GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone

4g gps kids smartwatch phone - boys girls waterproof watch with gps tracker 2 way call camera voice & video chat sos alarm pedometer wifi wrist watch birthday back to school gifts for students,4g blue

If you don’t want to buy your kid a smartphone, but still need something to keep an eye on them, then the PTHTECHUS GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone is what you all need. It comes in a 1.4-inch touchscreen display, with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels and a good tracking feature, making it an ideal fit for your kid’s wrist.

Unlike most watches, PTHTECHUS smartwatch uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS (location-based service) for tracking your child’s location, and not only this, but it also gives you their route’s history throughout the day, through which parents can have an idea where they were at an exact time.

Kids can send text messages, voice notes and will be able to do video calls with it as well. The PTHTECHUS smartwatch gives you the standalone smartwatch vibe, since it doesn’t need to stay connected to the smartphone, and the children can stay connected to their parents and loved ones 24/7.

PTHTECHUS smartwatch comes with 3 built-in alarms which kids can use to stay sharp while doing chores, remind them to do work on time, and wake them up in the morning with a gentle vibration. Along with this, parents can restrict the watch activity when the kid is in school to make sure they focus on their studies and don’t lose focus at all.

Parents can save up to 3 numbers in the SOS calling list, and when the kid is in an emergency, he/she can press the SOS button for 3 seconds, and the watch will call all 3 numbers provided on its own.

Kids can check out the weather, class schedule, and their step counts at the end of the day since the PTHTECHUS watch phone has a built-in pedometer. Along with this, it also has games, multiple screen styles, adjustable screen brightness, and a flashlight feature as well. This watch is also IP65 level water-resistant making it immune to slight splashes of water.

Although its battery life is not given by the company since the watch has 500mAH battery capacity, it’s likely to go on for 2-3 days with moderate usage.

Specifications & Key features:

  • Color: Waterproof blue
  • Screen: 1.4-inches
  • Display: Touchscreen display
  • Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Battery capacity: 500mAH
  • GPS/LBS tracking
  • Two-way audio/video calling
  • Games
  • Pedometer
  • Alarm clock
  • Weather updates and flashlight
  • SOS emergency calling


  • Stylish design and display
  • Multiple screen styles
  • Camera for taking pictures and videos


  • Average battery life
  • Complaints about touchscreen from some users


5. BAUISAN Kids Smart Watch

kids smart watch for boys girls – kids smartwatch with call sos 14 games camera video player music player torch light calculator 12/24 hr touch screen children smart watch for kids age 4-12 (black)

With a 0.3 MP camera on top of the 1.54-inch touchscreen display, 14 puzzle games, and an mp3 player BAUISAN Kids Smart Watch gives all the features of a high-end watch while being affordable and can easily be the top choice for your kid.

Comes with the built-in GPS tracker, through which the parents can keep an eye on the kid and can see where he/she exactly is. If your little one is running late from school or a friend’s house, you can just track his/her location right away.

Although BAUISAN smartwatch doesn’t support 4G connectivity, you will have to use a 2G network SIM card to call anytime. Parents can also set up emergency numbers, which the kid will be able to contact just by pressing the SOS button.

It’s a general misconception that games have harmful effects on kids’ health, but studies have shown that it sharpens their analytical and problem-solving skills. And for that, BAUISAN Kids Smart Watch comes with 14 puzzle games, which children can play to learn about reaction time and develop good hand-brain coordination to solve any problem.

Parents can save kid-friendly songs, poems on the watch, which the kids can listen to while playing outside with their friends. They can also record video clips, take pictures, and set them as watch’s wallpaper as well.

BAUISAN Kids Smartwatch comes with a torch and calculator which helps in solving math puzzles. The calendar and alarm clock are also there to make them punctual and do work on time. Along with this, parents can limit the watch’s function with school mode so that the kid can focus in the class.

Specification & Key features:

  • Color: Black
  • Display Size: 1.54-inch
  • Display Type: Touchscreen
  • Camera: 0.3MP
  • GPS tracking
  • Voice calling/SOS emergency call
  • Games
  • Music player
  • Torch/calendar/Alarm clock
  • School mode


  • Kids can take pictures and videos
  • Can listen to music
  • 14 interactive puzzle games


  • No 4G connectivity
  • No video calling feature


6. CJC 4G kids’ smartwatch

4g kids smart watch w gps tracker,kids phone smartwatch w camera,call,pedometer,sos,touch screen wifi wrist watch boys girls smartphone,3-15 years old children student birthday gifts(purple)

Coming up in 6 different colors to choose from, eye-catching design and a selfie camera mounted on top of the display CJC kid’s smartwatch is here to give tough time to the rest of the watches in this category and can steal the show with its amazing features.

CJC kid’s smartwatch uses GPS and LBS positioning system to track your child’s location in no time. Parents can use the phone to locate their kids and can also set up safe zones for them so that if they try to breach or go beyond the distance limit, you will be notified.

After setting up the SIM card in CJC kid’s smartwatch, parents can get in touch with their child in no time. Kids can make and receive voice calls right from their wrist and can also video chat with their friends and loved ones without any interruption.

In situations of distress and emergency, kids can press the power button for 3 seconds to activate the SOS calling feature, which will call automatically on 3 numbers provided by the parents until someone picks it up.

Since there’s a camera present on top of the display, which means that the kids can take pictures and videos of themselves and different scenarios easily. Parents can save up these precious moments on the laptop or computer later on, and can also take remote pictures of the kids from the phone app.

Parents can limit the watch’s functionality by activating school mode where the watch will only tell time and can be used for SOS calls, and nothing else. This can be a good way to not let them lose focus during the class.

CJC kid’s smartwatch comes with 3 alarm clocks which kids can utilize to wake up for school, do homework and house chores, and for fun brain teasers this watch has an interesting math game as well. On top of everything, it is water-resistant to some extent and won’t get damaged by slight splashes or getting wet during the rain.

Specifications & Key features:

  • Color: Purple
  • Colors available: 6
  • Water-resistance: IP66
  • Two-way calling
  • SOS emergency calling
  • GPS/LBS tracking
  • Audio/video communication
  • Math game
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Water-resistant


  • Pedometer
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Can track location precisely


  • Less number of built-in games


7. Amazfit Band 5

amazfit band 5 activity fitness tracker with alexa built-in, 15-day battery life, blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep & stress monitoring, 5 atm water resistant, fitness watch for men women kids, black

Moving to the fitness tracker side where first off, we have this Amazfit band 5, which will be suitable for older kids, since it comes engineered with some high-end features including a 1.1-inch full colored AMOLED touchscreen display, heart rate, and sleep monitoring through they can detail insights to their health as well.

Amazfit band 5 comes with built-in GPS for keeping track of location and also helps in tracking kids’ outdoor activities. And, since it comes with a pedometer which means your daily step count will be given by it whether you’re playing outside or just chilling inside your house.

The heart rate monitoring feature is there so that kids can have deep insights into their heart rate as well. Although heart rate monitoring is not an important feature, they can compare the resting heart rate with the pumped up one after a running or swimming session.

Without sound sleep, no one can function normally or have a productive day ahead of them, and for that Amazfit band, 5 comes with sleep tracking which keeps track of sleeping cycles for your kid and analyzes the sleep light, deep, and REM cycles during the night.

For sporty kids, Amazfit band 5 can be heaven since it comes with 11 sport modes which include different workouts and exercises that your little one can track from it. Along with this, it can also keep track of swimming sessions since it is water-resistant to 50m.

Amazfit band 5 can be also be worn by girls, and they have the perks of some exclusive features as well, such as keeping track of ovulation periods and menstrual cycle, which lets them prepare in advance.

Don’t have to worry about getting it charged daily since Amazfit band 5 can go for more than 2 weeks in normal usage and 25 days in power saving mode.

Specifications & Key features:

  • Color: Midnight black
  • Display Size: 1.1-inch
  • Display Type: AMOLED display
  • Water-resistance: 50m
  • GPS tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep score/blood oxygen level tracking
  • Sport modes
  • Swimproof


  • Slim and sleek design
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Long battery life
  • Detailed health monitoring features


  • No voice/video calling


8. Inspiratek Kids Fitness Tracker

inspiratek kids fitness tracker for girls and boys (age 5-16) - waterproof fitness watch for kids with heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, calorie counter and more- kids activity tracker (purple)

Looking to gift your something innovative? Well, Inspiratek Kids Fitness Tracker can be the best birthday gift for your little one. The design and display of this tracker are just too good, and with innovative features, this gadget has all ingredients of a high-end gadget at an affordable price.

Although it doesn’t have a built-in GPS tracker, you can always install third-party tracking for it, through which you keep tabs on your kid’s location very easily.

If this Inspiratek Fitness Tracker is on your little one’s wrist, then he/she can measure their heart rate 24/7 and can compare the pumped-up heart rate after some running or exercise sessions with the resting one.

To make sure your kid is having sound sleep, the Inspiratek Fitness tracker comes with a built-in sleep tracker which keeps track of your sleeping cycle and will let you know how much sleep he/she is getting at night.

Not only does Inspiratek Fitness tracker keep an eye on your kid’s health but also on their physical activities as well. It comes with a built-in pedometer for the step count, and a calorie counter to see how many calories they have burnt during the day. Multi-sports mode is also there to track your kid’s favorite workout and exercise as well.

Inspiratek Fitness tracker comes with alarm clocks that children can use to wake themselves up in the morning, and this tracker is IP65 level water-resistant, which means it can withstand slight intrusion of water, but it is advised not to be used for swimming.

Specifications & Key features:

  • Color: Purple
  • Sensor Type: Wearable
  • Water-resistant: IP65
  • GPS tracking
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Sport modes
  • Alarm clock/Pedometer
  • Calorie counter


  • Slim in shape
  • Good health monitoring features
  • Affordable


  • No two-way communication


9. Garmin vívosport

garmin vívosport, fitness/activity tracker with gps and heart rate monitoring, slate, large

Garmin vívosport can be it for your child if he/she is a sports enthusiast. Parents need to groom such kids from a young age, and for that, you can give them this tracker which has all the features they’d need for grooming their talent.

Whether the kid is working out inside or outside, Garmin vívosport will make sure it keeps track of your little one’s activities all the time and it’s not a drill at all. Your kid would be running outside, taking a stroll around the corner, and his speed, distance, and burnt calories will be monitored automatically.

Garmin vívosport keeps an eye on your heart’s rate and HRV (heart rate variability) which determines the stress level as well. Most of the time kids these days take stress because of academic pressure, but with this tracker on their wrist, they will know exactly what to do to counter it.

After connecting with the compatible smartphone, it will receive all the notifications of incoming calls, text messages, and much more. Garmin vívosport is also swim-proof which means you jump in the swimming pool and it won’t get damaged at all.

Garmin vívosport can last for 7 days in smartwatch mode, and 8 hours in GPS mode.

Specifications & key features:

  • Color: Black
  • Display Size: 0.38 x 0.76 inches
  • Band Material: Silicone
  • Heart rate tracking
  • HRV alerts
  • Stress tracking
  • GPS monitoring
  • Swimproof
  • Good battery life


  • Easy-to-wear
  • Blood oxygen level monitoring
  • Good tracking features


  • No camera
  • No two-way calling


10. Fitbit Ace 3

fitbit ace 3 activity tracker for kids 6+ one size, black/racer red

And last but not least Fitbit Ace 3. When it comes to fitness tracking there’s no way that Fitbit doesn’t get mentioned and since this fitness tracker is designed specifically for kids, I’d not help but add this tracker here as well. If you want something moderate for your kid with good features, Fitbit Ace 3 can be it for you.

Fitbit Ace 3 comes with all-day activity tracking through which kids can see how many steps they have taken during the day and can step up their game by setting their fitness goals and achieving them.

Wondering how much sleep your little one is getting exactly at night? Just make them wear Fitbit Ace 3 while sleeping, and when they wake up in the morning, you will know much they slept last night. Parents can make changes to their bedtime routine as well if the kid isn’t getting enough sleep.

Kids can challenge you for friendly competition revolving around step count, which will give them the ultimate boost and motivation to work for their fitness goals. They can also send cheer messages, and get virtual badges if they achieve their goals.

Fitbit Ace 3 is 50m water-resistant, which means that the kids can wear it while swimming, showering, or light snorkeling and it won’t get damaged at all.

After getting fully charged, the Fitbit Ace 3 can last for 8 days, which is indeed a good battery life without any doubt.

Specifications & Key features:

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 18g
  • Water-resistance: 50m
  • Sleep tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Friendly competition
  • Virtual badges
  • Swimproof
  • Good battery life


  • Kid-friendly
  • Sleep tracker
  • Parental control


  • No camera
  • No calling features



Q: How can you track your kid’s locations with a watch?

Ans: If the watch has a GPS tracker or LBS positioning system, then the parents can track the location of the watch using the phone app easily.

Q: Does the GPS feature drains the battery the most?

Ans: Yes, GPS is one of the most battery-draining features in the smartwatch.

Q: How accurate is the GPS tracking of the smartwatch?

Ans: GPS tracker is mostly accurate, which means there’s room for error but very minute.

Q: Does geofencing comes in every kid’s smartwatch?

Ans: Not really, just like the GPS feature most smartwatches have, but not every smartwatch comes with this feature.


How to Choose the Best GPS Watch for Kids?

Choosing such a GPS watch or tracker to safeguard your kid’s movement can be a tricky thing. So, to make sure you get the right fit for your kid, for ease we mentioned the most important features below, check out these features.


Of course, the most important feature here is this. Parents can track their kid’s locations and can see his/her whereabouts whenever they want to. I have tried including every watch or tracker which has a built-in GPS feature, so you don’t have to look for this feature specifically.


With this feature, you can make an electronic fence around your kids and if they try to cross that barrier which you have set for them, you will get an alert on your smartphone. Not every watch and tracker has this feature, but it can come in handy in emergencies.

SOS emergency calling:

This feature allows the kid to call their family member by just pressing that button continuously for 2-3 seconds, so they can have a backup in some emergency or unwanted situations. It allows you to put up 3 phone numbers, which parents can set up as theirs or concerned authorities.


Although it goes without saying but go for the watch or tracker which is comfortable in wearing 24/7. It should be slim and sleek since if it’s bulky or heavy enough, your little one might not want to wear it often and often stops wearing it at all.


It should be easy to use. If the kid is 10+ they can handle a somewhat complex interface with tons of features, but if he/she is 5 or 6, then make that the watch is as simple it can be. So they can enjoy its features to the fullest.

Age appropriateness:

Kids these days are very sharp and parents know their kids more than anyone. So, it depends on you that how much exposure you want to give them by handing over this gadget. If your kid is old and likes tech-related stuff, you can get them a high-end smartwatch or tracker with good features. And you can also go for the basic gadgets if you don’t want that too.

For your ease, I’ve mentioned every type of smartwatch and tracker in this article.


Not compulsory but recent studies have shown that games sharpen the analytical and problem-solving skills of kids. For that, some puzzling games might also be good for the little one.


If the watch is water-resistant to some extent it will always come in handy since the kids in this age are always careless, so this would help the gadget remain safe if the water does come in contact with it.

Battery life:

Although it depends on one’s usage, any watch which can last for 5-7 days is considered a good battery life. Try going with the watch which is offering the longest battery life to be on the safe side.


Conclusion: Which is the Best Kids GPS Watch To Track Movement?

I’d choose “Cosmo JrTrack 2 Kids Smartwatch” over every other watch because it has every feature your kid wants or needs in a smartwatch. Whether it’s accurate tracking, two-way communication, 4G connectivity, or whatnot, this watch is the perfect GPS watch for the kids.

Amazfit Band 5 is my second choice in terms of trackers in this list, since it’s not only a good fit for boys but can also be worn by girls and has exclusive features for them. So, for the best GPS tracker for kids, I’d suggest you go with this one.

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