Best Smartwatches for Windows Phone 2022

It’s no secret that Windows Phone isn’t the most popular mobile operating system on the market. But if you’re one of the loyal few who still use Microsoft’s OS, you might be wondering what the best smartwatch for Windows Phone is.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of great options out there. However, we’ve rounded up a few of the best smartwatches for Windows Phone that are worth considering.

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7 Best Smartwatches for Windows Phone

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart WatchFitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch
  • Apple Watch lookalike
  • Scratch resistance
  • 24/7 Heart-rate tracker
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Garmin vivomove HRGarmin vivomove HR
  • hybrid watch
  • 24/7 health monitoring
  • Activity tracking
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Garmin 010-01746-00 Forerunner 935 Running GPS UnitGarmin 010-01746-00 Forerunner 935 Running GPS Unit
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • multi-sport features
  • Swim-proof design
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Microsoft Band 2Microsoft Band 2
  • Health monitoring
  • Multiple sized straps
  • On-board GPS
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Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity TrackerFitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker
  • Durable
  • Goal-based exercise modes
  • Smart notifications
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Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness TrackerFitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker
  • Ultra-thin
  • 24/7 health monitoring
  • Swimproof
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1. Fitbit Ionic watch: The Best Smartwatch For Windows Phone

The beauty and charm of the Fitbit Ionic Watch is an attractive piece of technology. This premium device carries a number of features.

Design and display:

The Fitbit Ionic Watch is an iconic item by all means. The device offers a primitive smart-watch design that looks cool and premium at the same time.

The wide rectangular dial complies with the modern trends of watch design. For me, a rectangular dial is the true essence of a Smartwatch.

You can choose between different band sizes according to your wrists. The bands look stylish while being comfortable at the same time.

A bright screen that comes with both large and small-sized bands in the package will surely attract you. The watch has increased pixels and amplified brightness up to 1000 nits.

Durability of materials:

The watch can endure daily wear and tear quite well. The watch is waterproof too allowing you to take the watch for a swim. The screen of the machine has a high durability score. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is tough and damage-resistant.


The device from Fitbit will provide you with good battery life. On average usage, the watch lasts more than four days on a single charge. A single charge shall give you peace of mind for the next 4 days or more even.

Fitness and Health Tracking:

The shining feature of the watch is fitness tracking. With extraordinarily efficient and apt fitness apps, you can set fitness goals and make this watch your dynamic personal coach.

The presence of a multi-sport mode allows you to track any type of activity you do. Be it running, biking, or swimming, SmartTrack automatically records your exercise. GPS provides better insights into outdoor activities.

Health monitoring includes heart rate and sleeps monitoring via the PurePulse App. The data recorded is accurate.

What’s more?

Fitbit Ionic Watch allows mobile Payment, freeing you of the hassle of carrying around a wallet all the time. A great and beneficial feature is the ability to download and play more than 300+ songs. A feature you will enjoy to the max when running on the treadmill.

Key features:

  • Multiple Band sizes
  • Multi-sport mode
  • Durable materials
  • Store and Play music
  • Heart rate and sleep tracking
  • Mobile Payment


  • Storage and music playback
  • Fitness coaching
  • Multi-sport mode
  • Mobile Payment


  • Slightly overpriced
  • No AMOLED display

Bottom-line: The Fitbit Ionic Watch costs a few more dimes than the competitors but is worth every penny. It has a premium design and offers a multitude of beneficial features.


2. Fitbit Versa Lite: The Most Economical Watch For Windows Phone

The Fitbit Versa Lite watch carries the design of Versa 2 in a more reasonable price tag. The watch’s features will stun you.

Design and display:

The Versa Lite edition of the Fitbit watch adopts the infamous Apple Watch Series like design with a square-shaped dial. The bands are breathable, thanks to the hole-cut design.

The manufacturers brag about the well-lit screen that shall pose no problems in outdoor usage. This member of the Fitbit family provides amplified brightness up to 1000 nits.

The durability of materials:

The endurance values of this smartwatch are also noteworthy. Just like the Ionic Watch, this one too has Corning Gorilla Glass protection. Even the rough users will find it hard to scratch this bad boy.

The watch is lightweight yet durable.

It offers you the freedom to wear a watch while showering or doing the dishes. The Fitbit Versa lite shall stay active till 50m under the water. The watch can be your trustworthy companion in the swimming pool or the beach.


The Fitbit Versa Lite watch is good at providing juice. The device can last longer than 4 days on average usage, which shall be beneficial for a number of people.

Fitness and Health Tracking:

The Fitbit App available on the watch is a tamed one. The SmartTrack on the watch records data of more than 15 sports activities. You can choose to run, jog, hit the treadmill, or undergo a strenuous training session at the pool, and this watch will not disappoint.

The provision of GPS makes outdoor data recording more accurate and quicker.

The health monitor is reliable. A continuous recorder of the heart rate keeps you updated on the conditions of the heart. Arrhythmia patients can keep track of the dips and rises in their heart rates.

The Sleep tracker performs sufficiently to give you REM sleep data along with stress values for married men.

What’s more?

You can receive calls, text, and social media notifications on the device, plus you can send quick replies from the watch too.

Key features:

  • Apple Watch Series like design
  • Waterproof till 50m
  • Scratch resistance
  • Multi-sports mode
  • Continuous Heart-rate tracker


  • Bright screen up to 1000nits
  • Corning Gorilla glass protection with waterproofing
  • GPS and 15+ sports modes
  • Accurate heartrate and sleep tracker
  • Quick replies option


  • Lacks Fitbit Pay option

Bottom-line: Fitbit Versa Lite is a modern yet economical watch that shall suit those who want style, sturdiness, and function at a lesser price.


3. Garmin Vivomove HR: Best Hybrid Smartwatch for Windows phone

This Hybrid watch comes from the Garmin brand and provides some striking features for under $180. This is a great smartwatch for your windows phone.

Design and display:

The design is expected to be superb as it is a hybrid watch. The looks of a mechanical watch are not as distinct as this one looks more of a combo of technology and primitivity. The round dial with a modish strap looks nothing but premium.

Battery life:

The battery life of the watch may not be as good as other competitors but is sufficiently large. The watch is spectacular. I mean it can last for a good 5 days, which is extraordinary. In Watch mode, the watch can give you additional juice for up to 2 weeks.

Durability of materials:

The Garmin Vivomove Hybrid HR watch boasts a waterproof design. The actual values of waterproofing aren’t provided, but you can take it to the pool for a swim.

Fitness and Health Tracking:

A pedometer measures your steps and paired with it the calorie and distance/pace counter. You can visualize all the relevant data on your Windows smartphone.

A 24/7 heart rate sensor dwells in the watch that shall be your personal cardiologist, informing you of changes in the heart rate. Oxygen saturation is measured and used with the heart rate to determine your fitness levels.

Heart rate tracking is not the only health feature. A sleep tracker shall measure your stress values and guide you to stay calm after a stressful day. The sleep tracker can distinguish between the different modes of sleep.

What’s more?

You can stay connected to the world, thanks to the social media notifications on the watch. Music controls can be carried out from the watch.

Key features:

  • 5 days of battery life
  • Additional 2 weeks of battery with Watch mode
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Pedometer and calorie counter


  • 5-19 days of battery
  • 24/7 Heart rate sensor and pulse oximeter
  • Music controls
  • Sleep tracker


  • A little expensive watch
  • No mobile payment option

Bottom-line: The Garmin Vivomove HR, is a solid device with a good battery and charming design. It is an ideal watch for those who seek a premium hybrid device for their Microsoft Lumia phone.


4. Garmin Forerunner 935: Athletes Smartwatch For Windows Phone

If you love to carry a sleek and light watch paired with your unique Nokia windows phone, then it is a great watch for you.

Design and display:

The Triathlon watch rocks a round dial that is attractive to the eye and functional to the core. The watch is a mere 49 grams in weight. Thus, you can wear it for a whole day. The silicone strap allows easy and comfortable adaptation for the user.

Battery life:

The Forerunner 935 features a 24-hour battery in GPS mode. In UltraTrac mode this athletic watch gives you 50 hours of life on a single charge. On average day-to-day usage, you can get 2 weeks of battery time.

Durability of materials:

Garmin Forerunner 935 is a sturdy device. The watch is waterproof and allows swimming with it. The bezel of the smartwatch is made up of Fibre-reinforced polymer.

Fitness and Health Tracking:

This watch is all about running. A stunning device that records your fitness activities, especially running. Thus, the name Forerunner 935. Its also known as Triathlon.

The auto multisport feature lets you prepare for du/ triathlon races.

The variety of built-in activity profiles provides you with the freedom to switch from running to walking to sprinting. Whatever you do, paddle stroke, trail running, hiking, the multi-sport mode keeps you updated. The swim-proof design lets you take it for a swimming session where it records your stride length and stroke data effectively.

A heart rate monitor is also present that paired with the activity data guides you to stop or start working out depending on your exertion. The watch records the Oxygen saturation too, which is a crucial feature in the present scenario of COVID19.

What’s more?

There are in-built sensors such as a barometer, altimeter that inform you of changes in pressure and altitude.

With the Garmin Forerunner 935, you can receive notifications on the watch when paired with your windows smartphone.

You can customize your device with data fields and even download apps like Uber and Accuweather.

Key features:

  • Round aluminium dial and Fibre-reinforced polymer
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Advanced running and multi-sport features
  • Swim-proof design
  • Heart rate and VO2 measurer


  • Ultralightweight watch
  • Advanced running tracker
  • Heart rate sensor and VO2 measurer
  • Swim-proof design


  • No mobile payment option
  • A little overpriced

Bottom-line: The Garmin Forerunner 935 watch is THE ATHLETE watch. Pair this smartwatch with your windows phone and train for the race.


5. Microsoft Band 2: Gadget For Windows Phone Owners

Microsoft band 2 is a device from the parent company. The founding father of windows has produced this simplistic yet charming device to satisfy its customers.

Design and display:

Microsoft delivers ownership rights to its users. Using two devices from the manufacturers feels somewhat superior.

The Microsoft Band 2 dons a simplistic design. A small curved screen comes in the box with a flexible and premium-looking band. The bands can be ordered for different sizes according to your wrist measurements (small, medium, or large). The screen is an OLED panel that imparts a crispy and bright display.


The band lasts for a good 2 days on average usage, but if you are a daily runner, you will have to charge it daily.

Fitness and Health tracking:

The band focuses all its attention on this department. A multitude of features and options is found in this particular area.

The watch will motivate you to get fit. Guided workouts designed by pros like Gold’s Gym, Shape, and Men’s Fitness provide variety with exercise prompts right on your band.

The Microsoft band 2 measures your walking, running, biking activities, etc., along with golf records. A pedometer is paired with the distance measurer and calorie counter.

GPS helps track outdoor activity data.

The Microsoft Health App is top-notch in measuring your heart rate data and that 24/7. It keeps you updated on the condition of the heart.

A Sleep monitor calculates the deep sleep time and informs you of your stress levels.

What’s more?

The watch partners with premier fitness, sports, and lifestyle brands to give you more ways to manage your health and lifestyle.

You can receive calls and texts updates along with social media updates.

A voice assistant known as Cortana follows your voice commands and sets personal reminders for you.

Key Features:

  • Multiple sized straps
  • Continuous heart rate tracking + sleep monitoring
  • Pedometer and calorie tracker
  • Sports tracking with GPS


  • Simplistic design
  • Heart rate sensor and sleep tracker
  • Fitness tracking with in-built GPS
  • Golf mode in sports mode
  • Voice assistant Cortana


  • No durability or endurance rating
  • Lacks mobile Payment

Bottom-line: The Microsoft Band 2 is a good attempt from Microsoft. It is a good device and a true sibling to your windows phone.


6. Fitbit Charge 3: Best Seller Fitbit Band Compatible with Windows Phone

The Fitbit Charge 3 is a beautiful device that pairs smoothly with your windows phone. Charge 3 is among the best sellers of the Fitbit company products.

Design and display:

The Charge 3 comes in a similar sleek and lightweight design as that of the Charge 4. A variety of large and small wrist bands comes with the watch, with the larger band adapting nicely to the 7.7-8.1-inch size of the wrist. The smaller bands cater for 5.5 – 7.1 inches. It has a decent display for a smart tracker.

Durability of materials:

The very materials that make up the Charge 3 are robust and durable. The watch is made out of aerospace-grade aluminium. This topped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection imparts resistance against scratches. Waterproofing till a depth of 50m ensures a swim-proof experience.


It takes around 2 hours to completely charge the device, which shall last for 7 days, making it an obvious choice for the battery conscious dads. Charge the watch for 2 hours and then forget the charger for at least a week.

Fitness and Health Tracking:

It isn’t just an ornament rather a complete package. The fitness features offered are beneficial and accurate to the core.

More than 15 sports modes are available. You can set and achieve goals in different modes, such as swimming, biking, yoga, etc.  GPS integrates with fitness tracking and gives you accurate pace and distance data for outdoor workouts.

Sleep monitor measures your REM and healthy sleep, while the continuous heart-rate monitor is spot-on in measurements.

The watch proves to be an intelligent device by mapping out guided breathing sessions for you based on heart-rate variations during the workout.

What’s more?

You can receive notifications of calls and texts pretty easily and send quick replies too.

Key features:

  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Durable, swim-proof design
  • 15+ goal-based exercise modes
  • Continuous heart-rate monitor
  • Call, text notifications


  • Lightweight, comfortable design
  • Waterproofing allows swimming
  • 15+ sports mode covers all major sports
  • Heartrate and sleep monitor
  • GPS tracker


  • No mobile payment option is available

Bottom-line: The Fitbit Charge 3 is an affordable Fitbit device with a minimalist design. It offers great fitness and health features for physique-conscious men and women.


7. Fitbit Inspire HR: Uniquely designed Smart band For Windows Phone

The Inspire series from Fitbit features the most basic design. The simple-looking devices of the line-up deliver a strong power-punch of features.


Inspire HR boasts an amicable design. The device is lightweight that makes workouts easy. The band is made up of a flexible elastomer material. The band fastens in a peg and loop pattern. This is a unique and stylish design. A small touchscreen looks pleasant and easy to use.

Durability of materials:

The basic watch design offered by the Fitbit Inspire HR adds a lot of durability features. Waterproofing till 50m is observed with this particular watch.

Waterproofing allows dips into the pool. However, a tour of the Sauna should be avoided. The band of the watch is durable and can endure wear and tear along with water.


The watch gives juice for around 5 days on average usage.

Fitness and Health Tracking:

The Inspire HR sits nicely on the wrist and quietly measures your activity data. 15+ goal-based exercises are available, including biking, running, and yoga, etc. This is achieved by the SmartTrack app.

GPS in the watch works in conjunction with the fitness tracker to note the pace and distance of your outdoor walk, jog, and hikes, etc.

Swim-proof design enables measurement of swimming strokes and laps too.

A 90-day free trial for the Fitbit Premium app is provided to you. The app plans a personalized workout routine for you and is beneficial for fitness freaks.

The 24/7 heart-rate scanner and the sleep tracker work best. The calorie burn counter is accurate. The Sleep tracker effectively records the sleep stages to determine sleeping status.

What’s more?

You can receive smartphone notifications on the band.

Key features:

  • Friendly design
  • 15+ goal-based exercise modes
  • GPS
  • Heartrate and sleep monitor
  • Water-resistant to 50m
  • Good battery


  • Friendly design of peg and loop
  • Waterproof till 50m
  • 24/7 heart-rate scanner
  • 90-day free trial of Fitbit Premium


  • Lacks mobile payment option
  • Battery life should have been better

Bottom-line: A complete device for your windows phone with a minimalist design. Those who are looking for a unique design in a fitness tracker should go for it.


Wrapping Up

A lot of speculations exist regarding compatible smartwatches for windows smartphones. All the candidates on our list of best smartwatches for windows phones are authenticated and strong candidates. The competition was a tough one, but Fitbit Ionic Watch manages to win this round. The looks and features of this watch are above par and better than the competitors.

Garmin Vivomove hybrid watch gave some tough time to the Fitbit Ionic watch.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must have features for Windows Smartwatch?

Before you hit the market, take a look at this immensely informative piece of writing. The features you should look for include:

Design and display:

An attractive design is necessary for everyone. The smartwatch’s shape and weight should be such that it matches your personality and is easy to do. An option to change between straps can help you switch according to your mood.

If you spend more time in the sun, then you should be careful about the brightness of your smartwatch unit. A good screen with higher nits’ value is ideal for friends living near the sun.

Endurance of material:

Excellent strength and toughness define a good watch. The material of the watch should be strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Fitness and Health monitoring:

To achieve an attractive physique, the youth of the 21st century tend to run, jog, swim and do all sorts of sports activities.

The young ladies and the boys strive to burn calories and build muscle mass. To keep yourself updated and motivated the watch must provide you with a record of your health and fitness.


A smartwatch should provide a battery that lasts long and keeps you free of the hassle of charging again and again.


What is a Hybrid watch?

A hybrid watch is a fusion between a regular mechanical watch and a smartwatch. The watch looks like a mechanical watch and has the features of a smartwatch.


How reliable is the step tracking of the smartwatches?

Smartwatches are not meant for medical purposes. For details of accuracy, check the article How accurate is Fitbit.


With what version of windows are the devices compatible?

It varies from device to device, but the watches are compatible with windows 8 or greater.