Xiaomi has taken over Apple and becomes biggest wearable brand in the World

The wearable market has grown so much over the past couple of years, and it’s really not a surprise anymore. They have the ability to perform tasks and comes equipped with such innovative features in a compact size. Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Xiaomi, and Gamin are some of the famous wearable brands that used to own this market.

What is surprising here is that Xiaomi has surpassed every wearable brand, even Apple in the second quarter of this year, and that’s quite shocking, to say the least.

But, is that the whole picture, or there’s more to it? And, if it, then the question has to be asked which is “Which one is the biggest wearable brand among all these?”, Well let’s find out.

According to recent reports, Xiaomi has taken over Apple in shipping the most wearables, along with the market share as well, by shipping 8 million wearables and with a market share of 19.6%. For time being, this is an absolute win for Xiaomi and they have richly deserved it, but for how long? Does Apple need to worry about it?

Well, Xiaomi didn’t win this battle by a very long margin, as Apple has also shipped 7.9 million wearables with a market share of 19.3%, which is neck to neck if you go in-depth. This is because of two reasons.

Firstly, unlike other brands, Apple relies purely on its smartwatches in the wearable market. You won’t see any fitness trackers from Apple, because there’s none, and just like iPhone, only one or two Watch series get released during a year.

Xiaomi on the other hand is releasing some of the best cheap fitness trackers, with Redmi, Amazfit, and Huami on its side, which it basically owns, it’s too easy for them to beat Apple in market shares and overall shipment.

That said, with Apple Watch Series 7 around the corner, Apple is not much worried about this, since, with 31.1% shares in the global wristwatch market, they are already way ahead of every other brand, with Xiaomi having only 2.1%. This gap really defines that in the broader perspective, Apple is still on the top in the wristwatch market.

That said, Xiaomi did an excellent job releasing affordable and cheap fitness trackers over this period of time. These trackers are not only inexpensive but contain all the features you would want in a fitness tracker, and they can be compared to high-end trackers.

These cheap trackers have played a major role in Xiaomi’s excessive sales and shipments because they seem too good to be true for their price. Although even the latest MI band 6 lacks onboard GPS, which is something to work on, they provide accurate heart rate and sleep tracking, which for most people is more than enough.

However, as we said, Apple is about to release Apple Watch Series 7, along with the iPhone 13, which is going to be the hottest drop of the year, they will surely be covered in no time. But will this new watch series from Apple beat Xiaomi in numbers, and will they be able to outnumber them in shipments and market shares? Only time will tell.


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