Can you get Notes on Apple Watch? Yes, Follow These Steps

No matter how powerful your memory is, sometimes you need to jot down your thoughts in writing before you forget about them. You might be taking a shower, doing a workout, chilling with your friends, and suddenly you remember some important thing that you might want to remember later on. So instead of searching for a pen and paper, you can just use your Apple Watch for it.

Although the notes app which you use on your iPhone is still missing on Apple Watches. That said, you can with plenty of free apps which can be used as its replacement, and does the work quite beautifully.

So, if you’re wondering how you can get notes on Apple Watch, then keep reading because we have some free-of-cost and easy-to-use apps for you. Let’s get started.

How to get notes on Apple Watch

These are the 6 best apps which are also free, through which you can get notes on Apple Watch.


Keeping track of your thoughts is not even a problem with this app. Bear is known for its note-keeping capabilities and lets you add notes very easily. You can use your Apple Watch to make notes using your voice through the microphone, or by writing it manually. You can also have the access to the other notes you have already created and can sync them with other devices as well.

step 1 notes on Apple watch

Not only this, but you can share, export, pin, and duplicate to your iPhone, Mac, or iPad. Plus, you can move the extra notes to trash right from your wrist. This app is free, however you can for the premium version for Touch ID support, exporting to different formats (HTML, DOCX, PDF), different themes, syncing, etc.


The second option for you would be the notebook app, which has a good rating and is required to be one of the best apps for taking notes on the Apple Watch. You can take notes by recording through your voice, scribbling (where you form the letters to make the word), and can even sync the notes through other devices.

notebook on apple watch

You can also delete extra notes from the app right away, change the color of your notes, can even create your note’s cover and choose between various themes. All these features come without any cost, as it is free.

Microsoft OneNote

You might be familiar with Microsoft one way or the other, whether it’s Windows on your Laptop, or the applications like Excel, Word, etc. OneNote is a dedicated Microsoft app for taking notes on your Apple Watch. You can take notes through voice dictation, and that’s about it since that’s the only way it offers through which you can take notes.

mircrosfot onenote on apple watch

As a Microsoft product, it should have come up with an extra feature, such as editing or changing notes through the Apple Watch, but sadly you cannot do that. You’d have to make new notes every time you have to change something. Plus, it doesn’t support pictures, sketches, bullet points, and numbered lists. This means that it’s good for taking quick notes on your watch, but if you need more perks, you’d have to switch to your phone instead.


You might want to go for this app if you like to do things according to their priority, as this app gives you the option to sort notes and make them depending on their importance. Sounds interesting right?

drafts on apple watch

You can make notes through voice dictation, create or edits notes through the watch, and can also use custom fonts to make it look like you want to. Although you can choose the basic version which is free of cost and would do your work, you can always choose the premium version to get the extra features regarding different themes, icons, widgets, etc.


Another easy-to-use and free app which allows you to take notes from the apple watch very easily. It comes with the ability to add written notes from Apple Watch, and the notes sync with your iOS devices easily, so you can see them whenever and wherever you want to. However, there’s no option of deleting notes from the Apple Watch. You can with the free version or can upgrade to the premium one to remove the ads.

notess on apple watch


This app makes taking notes fun, and that’s not even an exaggeration. First off, you can take notes using your voice through the microphone and by writing them up. You’d be seeing the microphone button on the app’s interface, and by pressing you can record the notes. It would be saved and synced with the iPhone right away.

noted on apple watch

Although you can listen to the audio notes you have recorded in the phone app, you can also convert the audio into texts through the phone app, which is a good and handy feature.

Wrapping up

Since there’s no official app for the Apple Watch for taking notes like iOS or iPad, these are some of the best note apps for the Apple Watch you can find in 2022. My personal favorite is Bear, as it gives you the option of exporting notes into different formats. However, you can choose any app for note keeping from Apple Watch.

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