Can you Get Safari on Apple Watch 7? Yes, Find Here

There’s no built-in Safari browser in the Apple Watches per se, as the company has the impression of not getting its full potential in such a small-sized wrist wearable. Plus, with limited battery life, it would drain the juice more quickly if it had a proper browser with all the capabilities of online interaction, file uploading, etc.

That said if you want to browse web pages, and wondering if you can get still safari on Apple Watch 7 keep reading this. It can be done on the latest Apple watches or even the predecessors till Series 3, but with a little hack. Let us show you how it’s done.

How to browse web pages on Apple Watch 7

Like it’s been said in the start that officially, Apple Watches doesn’t have a built-in browser. However, it does have a hidden browser that only comes into play through messages, emails, or Siri. This hidden browser is WebKit, which would be doing all the tricks for you, and here’s how you can get it.

  • Open your iPhone, and send yourself an iMessage containing a link to, or any other link you want to open.
  • Now open your Apple Watch, and open the message you have sent to yourself.safari on apple watch (Picture credits: Macrumors)
  • After tapping on that message, it would take you to that browser. You can erase and type whatever you want to search, right from your wrist.

You can do the same process through the mail app. Just send yourself a mail containing the URL, and open that link from your Apple Watch, and it would take you directly to that page as well.

How to use WebKit

This hidden browser has some defined gestures, which are used to understand, but if you have difficulty in understanding, follow this guide.

  • For scrolling the web page, use the digital crown or your finger to slide down or upwards.
  • If you press the page long enough, you’ll see the options of forwarding, Back, Reader mode, and reload. You can simply tap to do whatever you want.

webkit on apple watc

  • If the fonts are small, and it getting hard for you to see them, just double-tap to zoom in or out.
  • To move forward or backward on the pages, swipe left or right.
  • By tapping the address bar, you can reload the page.
  • You can quit the web browsing by tapping close you can see it on the top left.

How to clear browsing history from Apple Watch

Might sound cliché, because the Apple Watch doesn’t come with an official browser but it does give you the option of clearing out the browsing history. This does make sense in a way because browsing web pages causes cookies, and caches to store which might drain the battery at the end without you getting to know it. So, it’s always better to clear the history once in a while.

  • Open your Apple Watch, and go to the settings.
  • There you’ll see general. Choose that option.browsing history on apple watch
  • By scrolling down, you’ll find Website data.
  • Tap on it to clear all the website data.

Can you browse web pages through third-party apps?

Although you can browse web pages through the method mentioned above, if you wish to have the functionality of a browser on that tiny, you can go with a browser for under a dollar or Parity. The latter is a free app, which you can use to browse web pages on your Apple Watch.

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