Can You Use an Apple Watch Without an iPhone?

Can you use an Apple Watch without an iPhone? Well, this could be answered in more than one way, but if you’re looking for a short answer, then it’s a No. Let me tell you why.

Apple has been in the wearable game for a while now, and they have made sure that the smartwatches they produce are extraordinary, which they are, without any doubt. But unlike Android smartphones/smartwatches, they cannot be modified or customized the way you want them.

Since Apple believes in a strict eco-system, which is why they made sure that the smartwatch they are making may be an accessory to the iPhone, but it can be accessible with an iPhone, not even the Mac or iPad.

But, if you still try to use an Apple Watch with an Android smartphone, you will be disappointed on the very first step, because the pairing requires an iPhone to be there, and it cannot be paired without it.

Is there any other way?

This brings us to the part where we said that this question can be answered in more than one way. An Apple Watch may not work without an iPhone when you’re pairing it to the new phone, but it works absolutely fine if it’s already paired with an iPhone.

This means that if you left your iPhone at home, and went to the gym or jogging to burn your calories, the watch will work just fine, and it will even track your step count and burnt calories. As soon as you connect the Watch with your phone, your data will be synced with it on its own.

Not only this you can also listen to your favorite music and podcasts already stored in the Watch by choosing to listen to it out loud or use Bluetooth headphones for that. Not to mention, you can always check the time and use the stopwatch as well.

Now that we have got it out of the way, that whether an Apple Watch can be used without an iPhone or not, there’s one other thing which can be done here, and that is the cellular version of Apple Watches.

LTE or cellular capabilities will totally cut off the need for your smartphone for daily usage. This means that if you want to make calls, send text messages, you can do it directly for the Watch itself, and the watches that do this are called 4g standalone smartwatches.

Although, you will be back to square one at the start, because even the LTE/Cellular version of Apple Watches needs an iPhone at first, for the pairing. After that, you can be on the go, tracking your heart rate, monitoring your sleep, keeping an eye on your workouts and exercises without needing the iPhone at all.

Is there any hack for it?

In this modern world of technology everything is possible, and with the introduction of AI (Artificial intelligence) these days, this is not something that should be a problem.

Some people have tried swapping the SIM card of an iPhone with an Android smartphone used in the beginning for pairing, which isn’t the hack, but a trick to say the most.

But the problem here is that even if you managed to pair the Apple Watch with an Android smartphone for a while, you still wouldn’t have the Watch App, which is probably the most important thing in customizing the apps and other features. So, at the end of the day, it still isn’t something you should risk your money for, as the Cellular version of Apple Watches is expensive.

The bottom line here is this: You cannot pair an Apple Watch without an iPhone and cannot use it without pairing. But, if the Watch is already paired with your iPhone, you can use its several features.


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