Can I Video Call On Apple Watch? Yes with Wristcam


Owing to its exquisite design, excellent use on a small screen, and a growing number of health and fitness apps, the Apple Watch has become one of the most sought-after digital watches in the world. Apple continues to dominate the market, owning half of it and keeping competitors at bay.  The Apple Watch features a … Read more

Is Apple Watch SE Waterproof? Finally Answered

apple watch se water resistant

Apple Watch users have been asking whether the Apple Watch SE is waterproof. The answer to that question is No; the Apple Watch SE is not waterproof but water resistant. However, keep a few things in mind when using the watch in water. Today, we will discuss those caveats and how to use the Apple … Read more

Is Apple Watch 7 Waterproof? Know The Reality

apple watch 7 water resistant

Last year, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 7 which includes a larger, more sophisticated display, a revamped design with greater durability, quicker charging, and a slew of additional improvements. Apple Watches have long been advertised as a versatile accessory, but is Apple Watch 7 waterproof that can be worn in the shower or while … Read more

Can you Get Safari on Apple Watch 7? Yes, Find Here

get safari on apple watch

There’s no built-in Safari browser in the Apple Watches per se, as the company has the impression of not getting its full potential in such a small-sized wrist wearable. Plus, with limited battery life, it would drain the juice more quickly if it had a proper browser with all the capabilities of online interaction, file … Read more

Can you Get TikTok on Apple Watch 7? Find The Truth

get tiktok on apple watch

TikTok was launched in September 2016, and in the mere span of 6 years, it has become of the trendiest social apps of all time. With more than 1 billion users, it has made its way through everyone’s smartphone, tablet, or laptop, one way or the other. So, if you’re wondering to get TikTok on … Read more

Can you Get WhatsApp on Apple Watch 7: Yes, Follow The Guide

whatsapp on apple watch

With approximately more than 2 billion users worldwide, there’s no surprise that WhatsApp is the largest messenger app in the world, and it’s just behind Facebook and YouTube in being the most popular social media app. You’d hardly find a person who doesn’t use WhatsApp these days because of its amazing features, and ease in … Read more

Can you get Spotify on Apple Watch 7: Yes, Follow These Steps

spotify on apple watch

For music lovers, Apple has the built-in storage for saving your favorite songs and listening to them directly through your Bluetooth accessories. Spotify is one of those famous platforms where you can listen to songs, podcasts, audiobooks, and can even save in the Apple Watch 7 depending upon your subscription. Now the question has to … Read more

How to Disable Heart Rate on Apple Watch

disable heart rate monitor apple watch

Heart rate tracking has to be one of the most important features of health monitoring that smartwatches are offering these days. Just by tapping on your wrist, you can monitor your heart rate whenever and wherever you want. That said, we all know Apple Watches come with limited battery life lasting only for 18 hours … Read more

How to get Facebook on Apple Watch 7

how to get facebook on apple watch

Facebook is the largest social media platform with more than 2.5 billion users all over the world. Every age group uses this app, and for obvious reasons, as it has everything, you’d need on a platform like this. You can post your pictures/content, interact with friends, play games, and chat with friends/family members or even … Read more

How to Get Snapchat on Apple Watch 7? Step by Step Guide


For an iPhone user, there’s nothing better than the latest Apple Watch 7, which is arguably one of the best iPhone smartwatches available right now. It comes with some pretty cool features regarding your health, fitness, and smart features such as receiving all the notifications of incoming calls, text messages, and other social apps. If … Read more

Do Garmin Watches work with iPhone – Yes but with Limitations


Whenever there’s a discussion about smartwatches, one cannot ignore the brand’s Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Fossil, or Garmin, which are considered to be the biggest tycoons of this wearable industry. Every brand these days is trying to come up with the best possible accessory of the smartphone, along with standalone smartwatches as well. Since in this … Read more

Are Smartwatches Worth Buying?

is smartwatch worth buying

We live in a world where smartphones are a must in every household. The mothers have always cursed the phones of their children and declared every mishap to be a direct result of the phone over usage of their kid. Despite these atrocities, the phones have survived pretty well. In an attempt to save its … Read more