8 Steps to Fix Your Fitbit Versa That Wont Charge or Turn On

After a long day of wearing your Fitbit versa, you head to bed and put it on the charger as usual. In the morning, when you wake up and grab it from the charger, you get to know that your Fitbit Versa is not turning on. It might be due to the reason that your Fitbit Versa didn’t get charged. This is a common problem with Fitbit and can be fixed quickly by following few steps.

Fitbit versa won’t charge? If this is the problem plaguing your Fitbit versa, you may be wondering what to do. There are many reasons why Fitbit might not charge, some of which are more serious than others. Here we’ll discuss some common causes for Fitbit versa not charging and how to address them.

How To Fix Fitbit Versa Charging Issue?

The Fitbit Versa is an ideal device for health-conscious men and women. The device is carefully crafted to cater to the needs of a sports enthusiast. However, like all other electronic gadgets, this device too is prone to get electronic malfunction. In this blog, we will guide you through steps you can fix the charging problems of Fitbit Versa.

1. Restart Your Fitbit Versa

If you are feeling stutters and lags in your device’s working, you should try restarting it. If the charging issue on Fitbit versa started after an abrupt performance, it might be due to some software glitch. A simple restart can do the trick for you.

2. Clean Out The Pins On The Device/Charging Cable

Prolonged usage of the device makes it prone to the accumulation of dust. In many cases, the charger won’t efficiently sit inside the device due to the accumulation of dust and debris either on the device pins or on the charger.

The best way is to take a fine needle and remove all the dust/debris from your device and/or the charging cable.

3. Change The Electric  Socket

In many cases, everything on the device seems to be right. However, the Fitbit versa is unable to gain any charge. Try using another power outlet as your electric switch might be the one at fault in such conditions.

4. Thoroughly Check Your Charging Cable

Your charging cable might also be posing a hindrance in charging your Fitbit Versa. 

There are two types of charging cable issues:

  1. There is a charging cable incompatibility. It is recommended that you use only the charging cable that came with your device. Third-party cables might not provide efficient charge to the device. 
  2. There is a lack of a proper connection between the USB cable and the device. Try establishing a secure connection between the cable and the device. If this still doesn’t work, check for any cracks in the USB cable.


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5. Dry Out Your Device

Seepage of water into the charging port can also lead to a weak charge or no charge at all. This is a common issue during the rainy season. So, try drying your device and then charging it.

6. Fix Weak Power Issues

If your Fitbit Versa band shows you the message “insufficient power source”, then try putting it on another socket. You should first remove all electronic devices plugged in the same outlet as they may be consuming more power than provided.

7. Fitbit Versa Doesn’t Turn On

If the device’s battery fell to 0 percent and there is no way you can tell that it is charging or not, there is no need to panic. The best thing to do is leave it on charge for 30 minutes and then try to boot it up. 

Follow the same procedure if you have abandoned your device for months (or years). Empty batteries take some time to get the power back on.

8. Remove The Plastic Pre Applied Plastic Covers

Many people often get worried about not being able to charge the device as soon as they get it out of the box. Fitbit Versa devices come with protective plastic coverings on the charging port to keep it safe from moisture. Make sure to remove all coverings before putting it on charge.


These were some easy fixes to common battery charging issues of the Fitbit Versa watch. You should contact customer care if the problem persists after trying these fixes.