Can You Get Instagram on Apple Watch 7? Yes: Follow These Steps

Instagram has become the epitome of fashion. Although there’s a sort of class difference, people tend to make their Instagram profiles as classy as possible. You can interact with your followers by posting pictures, and stories or by going live.

The Instagram app was available on Apple Watches until 2018, but after that Apple went on removing it for no particular reason. That said, there are other methods to use Instagram on Apple Watch.

And, if you’re wondering that can you get Instagram on Apple Watch 7, keep reading because this article will guide you through its easy process.

Let’s get started.

How to get Instagram on Apple Watch Series 7

  • First off, you need to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone for this to work.
  • Go to your App Store on your iOS device and download Lens for Watch. Wait for it to be downloaded and then launch the app on your phone. Step 1 how to get Instagram on Apple Watch

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  • You will get the option of logging into your Instagram. Enter your username and password when asked.Step 2 how to use Instagram on Apple Watch
  • If your lens option is already turned in the watch app, you’d see the lens in the app section on your watch. If not, go to the Watch app on your phone, tap on the lens and turn the feature on which says Show on Apple Watch.
  • Now open your Apple Watch and tap on the Lens by pressing the digital crown.

After tapping on the lens, you can start using Instagram on your Apple Watch.

How to use Instagram on your Apple Watch 7

You can like, comment, see videos and search for users through this process, however you won’t be able to upload your pictures and videos from the Watch. That said, getting these features are more than enough to use Instagram on your watch. Here’s how you can use it.

  • After using the lens from the Watch, and entering into your Instagram, you can tap on the home to go through your newsfeed. step 3 how to use Instagram on Apple watch
  • If you like a post, tap your heart to make sure you liked it, and tap the speech bubble to read the post’s comment.step 4 how to use instagram on apple watch
  • To add a comment yourself, tap on Add a comment and you will see different options that you can use to comment.step 5 how to use instagram on apple watch
  • At the bottom, you’d see the FlickType keyboard, type your comment, and post when finished.step 6 how to use instagram on apple watch
  • If you’re not in the mood to type, just use the microphone to add the comment. You can also put emojis as well.step 7 how to use instagram on apple watch
  • You can also check the stories of your friends by tapping on the stories section. Although you might have to upgrade to Lens pro for $1.99 to use this feature.step 8 how to use instagram on apple watch
  • You can also check your account’s activities such as who followed, liked, or commented on your posts by tapping on activity.
  • Beneath the activity, you’d see the explore option that you can use to see new posts based on your search history and interests.Step 9 how to use instagram on apple watch
  • You can check your direct messages by tapping on messages and checking your profile to see your posts.
  • In the last, there’s an option of searching, which you can use to look for your friend, celebrity, hashtags, and whatnot.

You can do the same procedure with another app named Watchy, available on the Apple store. Just download that app, which might cost you around $4.99 to fully utilize its functions. And can do the same things with it as well.

As both these feature costs you something, which is not that significant, but you’re not an avid user and just want to occasionally scroll Instagram on your watch, there’s another method.

Can you get Instagram notifications on apple watch 7?

As it’s already been told that Apple doesn’t have a dedicated app for Instagram, so you’d have to use the methods described above to use it. However, you can still get Instagram notifications on the Apple Watch 7 through this easy and simple method.

  • Firstly, you need to make sure you have the Instagram app installed on your iPhone. Update the app if it’s already been installed, and log in to your account.
  • After that, bring your Apple Watch 7 closer to your iPhone, and have it paired all the time to get the notifications. This is because it does have any dedicated app, so if it is not in the range of your phone, it won’t receive any notifications.
  • Go to the settings options on your iPhone, and tap on notifications. Scroll down to the Instagram, and make sure its notifications are turned on.
  • At the bottom of it, you’d find the Instagram notification setting feature, which would take you directly to the app, where you can customize the type of notifications you want to receive.
  • Now open the Watch app on your iPhone, and go to the notifications section.
  • There you can Instagram in Mirror iPhone Alerts from the section.
  • If the Instagram alerts are already turned on, then it’s fine, but if they are not, just tap on it to make sure it’s been turned on.

After these simple steps, your Apple Watch 7 will be able to receive all the notifications regarding your Instagram right on your wrist.

How to get Instagram on Apple Watch 7 through email or messages

  • Grab your iPhone, and go to the settings of the phone. Scroll down to messages options and see if the iMessages option is been turned on or not. If not tap on it to turn it on.
  • After this, type on your iPhone’s browser, which would ultimately take you to your account if it’s already been signed in.
  • On the top of the page, you’d see Instagram in the address bar. Copy that link and paste it into the message option where you’d be sending a message to yourself.
  • Now open the Apple Watch and tap on messages where you’d see the message that you sent to yourself from your iPhone. Go ahead and tap on it.
  • This would take you to the log-in page of Instagram. Tap in your credentials, and voila, you can use Instagram right on your wrist.
  • Although one thing that you should keep in mind is that Apple Watch doesn’t come with a built-in browser and for that this page can only display pictures. You won’t be able to play videos from it. However, you can like, comment, and search for stuff from the watch very easily, that too without paying a cent.

You can also do the same process by sending yourself an email. Doing this with an email has the advantage, that you can Flag that message, and it would appear an as additional mailbox under Gmail, Yahoo, etc. In this way, you won’t have to open messages all the time to access your Instagram account, as you just have to open the Flagged message.

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