Is Apple Watch 7 Waterproof? Know The Reality

Last year, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 7 which includes a larger, more sophisticated display, a revamped design with greater durability, quicker charging, and a slew of additional improvements. Apple Watches have long been advertised as a versatile accessory, but is Apple Watch 7 waterproof that can be worn in the shower or while swimming?

Is Apple Watch 7 Waterproof or Water Resistant?

Apple Watch 7 is water-resistant, not waterproof. The series 7, similar to other Apple watch models since the second generation, has a WR50 rating under ISO standard 22810:2010, which means it can be immersed in up to 164 feet (50 meters) of water. Adhesives and seals prevent water from penetrating and damaging the electrical components. In short, no, it is not entirely waterproof. The underlying explanation is that it is sufficiently water-resistant. Thus, you may not have to remove it in most circumstances.

Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant

There is an apparent distinction between being waterproof and water-resistant. Water resistance is the capacity to withstand water infiltration; nevertheless, this is a limited kind of water protection and is not foolproof. For instance, hydrophobic devices have thin-film nanotechnology coatings that repel water, providing a reasonable measure of protection against water intrusion, but it is not a surefire thing. While if something is waterproof, it can be entirely submerged in water without water penetration. It’s indeed wholly watertight.

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Can You Wash Your Hands While Wearing Apple Watch 7?

Yes, you can wash your hands while wearing Apple Watch 7. Apple Watch will automatically start a 20-second handwashing timer when it detects that it has been exposed to water. The handwashing feature gets activated automatically once it detects certain movements of hands along with water sound from the tap.

Can You Shower With Your Apple Watch 7?

Yes, technically you can wear your Watch 7 while taking a shower. However, you should still remove it since soaps, shampoo, fragrances, and lotions may potentially reduce the performance of water seals and acoustic membranes. Consequently, it can degrade the overall water-resistance of your Apple watch.

Can You Swim With Your Apple Watch 7?

If you have an Apple Watch 7, you should be fine wearing it while swimming. The 50-meter rating indicates that it is suitable for swimming and splashing around but not for extended submersion. Apple also cautions against using it for fast-moving water activities like scuba or aquatic sports. Although the series seven apple watch is promoted as swim-proof, you would not want to wear it during diving, where it may be subjected to increased pressures or decreased temperatures impacting its adhesive and seal.

Will Pool Chlorine damage Apple Watch 7?

Since we have previously established that the Apple Watch 7 is water-resistant and swim-proof, it is reasonable to assume that chlorinated pool water would not harm the watch. However, metal bands, such as stainless steel, might be damaged by prolonged contact with chlorinated water. Switching to a rubber band or a sports band would be an intelligent solution when using your watch in the water.

How Long Can an Apple Watch 7 Be Worn in Water?

The water resistance of the Apple Watch Series 7 is determined by the ‘length of your swim time.’ Since Apple Watch Series 7 is merely water-resistant but not waterproof, it can withstand water to a specific time limit. Nonetheless, Apple advises against submerging your watch in water for more than 30 minutes, particularly if you’re wearing it in an ocean, since the seals may break after that period. In addition, after your activity, you must thoroughly clean your watch with freshwater or wipes and spray to keep it safe from harmful chemicals.

What is Water Lock on Apple Watch 7?

The Apple Watch 7 has a water lock feature that prevents inadvertent or accidental touches on the screen while swimming or bathing. This won’t keep the moisture away from your watch; however, it will certainly prevent any motion-related screen output at bay. It also assists in evacuating any liquid that may have entered and aids in cleaning the speakers once you are done.

Swipe up from the Home screen and hit the water drop symbol to enable Water Lock. It can be disabled in a similar fashion.

Do You Have To Do Anything To Apple Watch 7 Before Swimming?

Before going for a swim, make sure you water lock your Apple 7 watch; it will stay locked while you are swimming. If your app is not locked while you are in the water, the motion or any impact might result in unintended taps on the screen, which could cause device damage.

If you wish to use the watch normally after swimming, you must unlock it again. To do so, follow these steps:

  • To begin, press the Digital Crown and the Side button simultaneously to halt the workout.
  • To avoid inadvertent tapping, dry the watch with a soft towel if it is still damp.
  • Turn the Digital Crown and remove any remaining water from the watch to unlock the screen.

How Does Apple Watch 7 Eject Water?

You can eject water by turning and unlocking the digital crown on your Apple Watch. This will produce extremely small vibrations and sounds that will aid in driving water away from the internals and out through the speaker hole. It’ll take only a few moments before you can use your watch again.

Which Bands For The Apple Watch Are Waterproof?

Silicone is the most popular band material for swimming and other outdoor pursuits due to its water-resistance properties. On the other hand, Nylon is not a waterproof material, although it is resistant to water damage. Leather bands, nonetheless, can be severely damaged by water and thus, should be avoided in water.

Does Apple Watch 7 Have A Waterproof Case?

Apple does not provide a case with the Apple watch 7. However, there are a variety of Apple watch cases available, each with its own set of features produced by various brands.

Do Apple Watch 7 Waterproof Cases Make Watch Really Waterproof?

Most Apple Watch 7 cases come with an IP68 rating whereas some brands promote their cases as ‘waterproof’ and a solution for ‘scuba diving’ up to 300m but it is still questionable whether they are completely waterproof or not. Because Apple didn’t launch anything like a ‘Waterproof case for Apple Watch’ and is not responsible for the water damage even if the watch is protected by the waterproof case. Thus, it is at the discretion of the watch owner if they are willing to take the risk and bear the consequences in the event of damage.

Can You Swim With An Apple Watch 7 Without A Case?

Under ISO standard 22810:2010, Apple Watch Series 7 has a water resistance certification of up to 50 meters (164 feet). As a result, it is deemed water-resistant enough to be worn underwater with or without a case. Apple, on the other hand, advises against using it when in high velocity activities like waterskiing and scuba diving or engaging in strenuous physical activity.

What exactly does IP68 stand for?

IP is an international standard for assessing the resistance properties of electronic devices. The first number indicates a device’s capacity to resist dust. Whereas the second number equates to the water resistance property, the higher the number, the higher the water resistance. So IP68 equates to protection against dust and water up to 2 meters for 30 minutes.

Which Apple Watches Are Waterproof?

None of the Apple watches are waterproof; nonetheless, they are water-resistant. So, before you leap into a shower or a pool, verify the water-resistance ratings unless you want to buy a new watch. All the latest models, Apple Watch 7, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch 6, or Apple Watch 5 are WR50 compliant and have water resistance up to 50m. Therefore, these watches are unlikely to be damaged by hand washing or swimming. But, it is always wise to check the features beforehand since the rating guides you on how much moisture your gadget can handle.

What Can You Do If Your Apple Watch Has Water Damage?

Do not worry if you think you have water damaged your Apple watch. Follow these steps, and hopefully, you’ll be fine:

  1. Press and hold the side button in order to turn the watch off.
  2. Try removing the watch bands or straps to make them easier to handle.
  3. Shake the watch to remove excess water and dry it with a gentle, non-abrasive, lint-free towel.
  4. Allow for at least 24 hours of drying time. If it is damp, do not attempt to charge it.
  5. Try restarting it after 24 hours or longer by pushing and holding the side button. If it does not turn on, charge it first and try again.

If this doesn’t work out, reach out to your closest Apple-authorized repair center.

Will Apple Repair The Water Resistance Of My Series 7 Watch?

Apple watches’ water resistance deteriorates over time and use. Therefore, your Apple watch’s water resistance cannot be repaired by rechecking or resealing it. Consequently, try to avoid dropping or throwing your watch harshly, subjecting it to soaps or detergents, exposing it to high-intensity aquatic sports, or using it in a sauna.

Does The Apple Watch 7 Warranty Cover Water Damage?

Unfortunately, Apple will not compensate you for any damages incurred due to water or other liquid substances entering the device. As a result, before diving in a pool or taking a shower, think twice about wearing your Apple watch since if something goes wrong with it, Apple will not be obliged to fix it under the limited warranty.

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