Is The Amazfit Bip Waterproof?

The amazing devices from Huami are marvels of technology. The company brings a lot of things to the table. Watches and smart bands from the manufacturer set themselves apart based on their superior battery lives. However, there is one critical question that many sports enthusiasts inquire about: “Is the Amazfit Bip Waterproof?”

Amazfit Bip is a classic smartwatch that gives a sturdy design, cool looks, and a long-lasting battery. It comes with a square-shaped dial with slight tapering on the bezels. The device boasts of a bright transflective colored display with an Always-on feature.

The Photplythesmographic sensor (PPG) and a set of accurate positioning sensors make it a desire of everyone. The 45-day battery makes it a pure beast in terms of juice provision. 


IP68 Rating

Can Dust, Sand, or Water Harm It? In addition to the other superb features, the Amazfit Bip device can easily withstand the liquid of life, i.e., water and dust or sand.

There is water all around us. The earth is ⅔ rds water and just ⅓ rd land. Similarly, our bodies are mainly composed of water. However, the gadgetry we produce is easily killed by water.

Gladly, the Amazfit Bip is sufficiently resistant to water. The company has done its testing and claims that the watch is IP68 waterproof. This means that the watch can very well withstand dust, sand, dirt, and most of all, water. 

According to the tests, the device will work perfectly even after submerging it in water up to 1.5 meters of depth for up to thirty minutes. Though the test guarantees waterproofing in lab conditions, taking the watch for a swim is not recommended.

You can do other stuff with it. It should not be just for rainy days.

You don’t need to put off your watch while doing the laundry or doing the dishes is absolutely no problem with Amazfit Bip on your wrist.


Avoid Saunas And Hot Showers

Despite it being strong against water, steam and hot showers can get better of the watch. You can take the Amazfit Bip watch for a simple shower with you, whereas saunas, hot showers, and steam baths must be avoided. 


Other Prominent Features Of Amazfit Bip

  • GPS+GLONASS dual-mode positioning
  • Up to 45-day battery life
  • Up to 22 hours battery life when used with GPS enabled
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Light Weight



Amazfit Bip is a completely waterproof watch with an IP68 waterproof rating but not recommended to be used while swimming.

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