11 Samsung Gear S2 Hacks Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Samsung’s Gear devices are fantastic additions to your attire. The Gear S2 is a neat device that is oozing with features (and sensuality too!). The 1.2-inch rotating bezel of the watch makes it look like a watch from the future. The processor performance is above par while the Always-on display is pleasing and easy to use. The gadget is superb at everything but you don’t know everything about it.

Samsung Gear S2 Hacks – The Open Secrets

Do you wanna know the hacks and everything about Samsung gear S2? This article discusses the hacks and tips and tricks of Samsung gear S2. So, if you own one, we recommend you read us out.

The following features of Samsung gear s2 will make you feel more confident about the device you own:

1. Wake Up Gesture

Unlike cheap smartwatches, Samsung’s products are responsive to motion (thanks to the efficient gyroscope inside). With a gear S2 on your hand, you do not have to constantly press buttons to check the time. Just a flick of the wrist will do the trick. 

You can turn this feature on in the “settings” of the smartwatch. It is recommended to keep it off when on a jog (to preserve battery).


2. Customize Watch Faces 

Everybody likes to have options in life. Well, Samsung gives you the opportunity of having options (at least with watch faces). 

While inside the gear’s application on your smartphone, you can tap on “watch faces” to open up a bunch of watch face options. Choose according to your mood but please don’t be too shady!

You can customize the style of the dial and the template icon too. 


3. Set-Up A Shortcut

This is our most favorite hack on the Samsung gear s2 (maybe because we want everything to come easily to us). The Double press shortcut is a time and effort saver option residing inside this multi-feature watch. 

These smart devices come in handy when we are involved in some activity. I mean the best use of an android watch is during a workout. On this futuristic device, you get the option of setting up a double press shortcut. 

The top button on the watch can be set up to open:

  • Music 
  • Maps 
  • Messages 
  • Third-party apps

All you have to do is set up the function of the double press (by going into Settings>Accessibility>Add Shortcut) and then enjoy the quick feature.


4. DND Mode

The watch also offers a Do Not Disturb mode for procrastinators who are easily distracted by the watch face activity. You can also make use of this feature when going to a meeting.

By swiping down from your watch face, you can witness the “Do not disturb” icon. Tapping on it will turn off the vibrations on the screen. So, you can have some uninterrupted quality time. I wish my spouse came with a DND mode too!


5. Unlock Your Phone 

If you own an Android smartphone you can make use of this great feature too. The Smart lock feature on your android phone allows you to turn on the phone’s secure lock screen. 

You can set the watch to turn off the screen lock as long as it is connected to the phone. You don’t need to constantly unlock the phone when both devices are connected, thereby, saving precious time. 

However, as soon as the phone is left unattended, the lock screen is turned on automatically to prevent security breaches. The Smart Lock option can be found in the smartphone’s settings.


6. Power-Saving Mode

This very device comes with a smart solution to manage the falling battery. In case you forget to charge or are on a long trip where charging isn’t possible, the smartwatch boasts of a power-saving mode. 

This particular mode changes the color contrast of your screen to greyscale. The WiFi will also be turned off. All these maneuvers save you some extra juice. You will still be able to receive calls and texts. 

You can turn on the power-saving mode by following these steps:

  1. Hold down the “home” button 
  2. Select power-saving 

You can also activate it by going into the settings.


7. Control Heart Rate Monitor

A good heart rate monitor has become pivotal for the success of a smartwatch as an overall performer. Samsung’s bad boy comes with a continuous heart rate tracker. The tracker’s performance is good and the opportunity to have your heartbeat continuously tracked is calming but that sucks up the battery.

The good thing is that you can change the frequency of when the tracker works by heading into the S Health app. You can achieve this by choosing the frequency between moderate and frequent in the “On the spot readings” option on your watch.


8. Find My Phone 

In my life, I have come across a lot of “phone misplacers”. Misplacing your phone is normal but it seems like some people have a genetic predisposition towards it. This is the most useful feature for all my phone misplaced friends. 

You can find where your phone is when both the devices are connected to WiFi. All you have to do is press the Home button followed by rotating the dial to the “Find my phone” option. 

Your phone will start ringing and vibrating. 


9. Find My Gear

Misplacing the gear is also not uncommon. The pair is quick to locate each other. On your smartphone, you have the “Find My Gear” option. Go into the settings tab of the Samsung Gear app to find this option and follow the ring/vibration on your gear.


10. Here Maps Navigator 

You can make the Samsung gear s2 guide on the path by downloading the companion navigator app. The Here Maps is a preloaded app on the watch which can help in giving you accurate turn-by-turn directions when paired with the navigator app.

The application uses S voice for receiving voice commands. 


11. Set-Up A Passcode

If you are concerned about the security of your gear, you can set up a 4-digit PIN by heading into the settings of the watch. Setup the “Screen lock” option and type in a 4-digit PIN to keep your watch safe from evil minds.

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