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The best smartwatch for you might not be the same as it is for your teenage daughter or son. Find out which smartwatches are best suited to their needs, what features they have in common with one another, and how much each costs.

Today’s modernized era has normalized the use of gadgets for everyone. There used to be a time when the phone was authorized to be used by adults only. The tables have pretty much changed since the last decade.

The revolutionary changes have resulted in children’s knowing much more about the technology than their grandparents. When puberty hits, these teenage kids become more selective and conscious regarding how they look and what maneuvers shall enhance their beauty.

The kids are adorable with their cute and innocent demands. The tweens run for all the glittery stuff while teenagers settle for some mature products. This segregation is seen when selecting smartwatches too.

Smartwatches are the perfect accessory for any teen and have become a new must-have for young adults. They’re stylish, functional, and they can do so much more than to tell time anymore. It can be used to stay connected with friends, listen to music, and even play games.

A smartwatch is perfect for any teen who wants their own device that looks cool and does more than just phone calls or text. It’s also a good choice if you want something that will help you keep track of your fitness goals too. Plus, they look great on the wrist. And it’s easy to find one that matches your style – there are so many different colors and designs out there!

Today we have short-listed the best smartwatches for teens that will attract the young lot. Our article shall be apt for all types of youngsters especially for ages 13 to 19. Before further ado, let have a detailed look at the buying guide.

How To Choose Best Smartwatch For Teenager

Choosing the best watch for teenagers is a daunting task. The market is flooded with different types and brands of smartwatches, making it difficult to find a good watch. The first thing you should do is narrow down your choices by deciding what features are important to you.

Looks are probably a top priority when shopping for the perfect smartwatch for the teenager. Make sure you take into consideration their hobbies, as well. An excellent watch for athletes will differ from one that works best for someone who does not yet enjoy sports or fitness activities.

You won’t want to miss our list of advice that parents should know about smartwatches before buying them for their kids. So keep scrolling, below, we have shared some valuable tips on how to choose the best smartwatch for teens.

Size: When deciding which smartwatch to purchase, the first thing you should take into consideration is size.
Different watch sizes will look different on your wrist. Mostly, smaller wrist watches tend to be more appealing than large ones because they match your arm measurements better.

Design: When it comes to teenager’s watch preferences, you need to consider what they want. You should think about what kind of smartwatch your teenage girl or boy likes? A watch that looks like a sports watch or one that is more traditional? Make sure to buy the one according to their need and likeness.

Budget: One of the main things to think about when buying a smartwatch for your teen is how responsible they are? If they are not very responsible, then you should buy a smartwatch that is cheaper but has all the required features. The price range of smartwatches for teenagers varies from $20 to $300+, with something for everyone’s budget.

Strength of materials: Sturdy design can go a long way for teenagers. Scratch proofing and waterproofing design of the watch shall relieve parents and adolescents of damage to the device.

Battery life: A vital feature of any battery-operated device is battery life. A device should relieve you of the hassle of carrying around chargers and frequent charging cycles.

Safety Features: The increased vices and crimes have inculcated a sense to fear in the general public. Safety features such as GPS tracking, geofencing, and SOS signaling can be very beneficial for parents and teens alike.

Fun features: Merriment varies between the different age groups. The kids find joy in playing games on their smartwatch while the teenagers are impressed by the ability to play music on the watch. Selecting the right fun pack is essential.

Fitness tracking: If your child likes to play sports or work out, make sure that you pick a smartwatch with a GPS system and other fitness apps for working out. These details are important because they will affect how well your watch works for you. Moreover, With increasing obesity issues around the globe, one must teach teenage kids to stay active and healthy. Fitness tracking options can be valuable for teenagers looking to tone up their physique while the tweens can also make use of the health monitor apps to know of their bodies.

10 Smartwatches for Teens Boy or Girl In 2021

We’ve done all of the research for you to find the best smartwatches for teens that look good on their wrist while also being affordable. Here’s a list of 10 smartwatches that teenagers will love in 2021.

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Best Smartwatches For Teens

1. Tick Talk 3: Best Smartwatch for Teenagers Without Phone

This smartwatch for teenagers is perfect for parents who want peace of mind while letting their children enjoy the freedom of being out on their own.

With Tick Talk 3, your child can make phone calls or send text messages (SMS) directly from his wrist without having to use their phone. This is the best smartwatch for teenagers with a calling feature, also known as a standalone smartwatch with SIM card.

It uses GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular technology to track your child’s location in real-time. When paired with an app on your phone, it can send you alerts if they leave their designated area. And its waterproof design means that it won’t quit working when wet.

Key Features:

  • Colorful dial and straps
  • Sturdy waterproof materials
  • 4G LTE Subscription and WIFI option
  • Safety features


The big icons and vivid straps make adaptation easier for the kids. The lovely colors of the changeable straps will attract every toddler’s eye. Moreover, the customizable watch faces are cute and enticing for the young.


The stuff is tough, and it’s water resistant with an IP67 rating means a 1m dip in the water or walks through a rain won’t damage this smartwatch.

Safety features:

As parents, we all want to keep our kids safe. But it can be hard to know where they are at any given time. Tic Talk 3 ensures peace of mind to the parents by giving a myriad of safety features.

A real-time Locator utilizes WIFI, GPS, and LBS to feed the location of the child to parents in Real-time, not only the live position but a history of the child’s route is also updated.

With this teenage smartwatch, you can get notified when your child leaves school or home and set safety zones so that you know if they leave their normal route. You’ll also be able to see what apps they’re using on their phone (like Snapchat and Instagram) as well as how many times they’ve unlocked the screen in a day.

If there’s an emergency, just press one button from anywhere in the world and send out an alert with your location information and photo (if desired). This device will give you peace of mind without taking away any of your kid’s independence.

Call without Phone:

Tick Talk 3 is an affordable smartwatch that offers true functionality at less than half the price of other similar devices. With Texting & Calling capabilities directly from their wrist, you can rest assured that your children will be able to stay connected without the need for a phone. This 2-way phone call feature is cool and helpful at the same time.

Fun features:

  • If it doesn’t entertain your kid, then what’s the point of having it. This watch stuns everyone with its immensely cool, fun features.
  • 2-way video calling is a cool feature, thanks to the 2MP camera on the watch.
  • Teenagers can take pictures, videos, and even record short messages. Children can also get amused by the variety of GIFs that will surely make them giggle.

  • 4G and WIFI connectivity
  • Safety features
  • Water resistant
  • 2-way audio and video calling
  • 2MP camera

  • An expensive watch
  • No games available

Bottom line: Tick talk 3 is the GO-TO smartwatch for kids seeking everything. It gives you everything ranging from gimmicky to most useful features. If you can afford to spend some money for your child’s safety, then go for it asap.


2. MorePro – Unique Smartwatch For Teens

MorePro smartwatch is designed specifically for teens and comes in three colors (black, grey, pink). It has an easy-to-use touch screen interface that allows you to easily navigate through all its features including text messages, and social media apps like Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook.

The MorePro is a teen’s watch with all the benefits of an adult smartwatch. It has 5ATM waterproof so your teenager can wear it while swimming or bathing without any worries about water damage. It comes with 18 sports modes including running, cycling, hiking, and more to help your teenager stay fit and healthy.

Key Features:

  • SpO2 Monitor
  • 24/7 HR tracking
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Stress Monitor
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone
  • 18 Sports Mode
  • Compass
  • 4-5 days battery life

Health & Fitness Features:

Arrhythmia is a condition where your heart has irregular, fast, or slow beatings. You can monitor it with the watch and App. It will show you a clear scatterplot of your HR data. It also tracks your stress level and blood oxygen levels all day long so you know how they affect your body in real-time.

There’s also a built-in pedometer that counts steps taken each day as well as calories burned. It even monitors your sleep patterns.

Sports Mode:

With its 18 sport modes and outstanding features, you will be able to stay fit and healthy while enjoying yourself in whatever activity you participate in throughout the day.

Battery Life:

The MorePro is unlike any other smartwatch on the market today. It has a magnetic charging port which makes it easy to charge and doesn’t require you to take off your watch every night as most other smartwatches do. It gives a 4-5 days battery life.

Fun Features:

  • It also has music control capabilities so they can listen to their favorite tunes during workouts or just hang out with friends.
  • There’s even a DIY screen option for them to express themselves by downloading one of many creative templates from the app store onto their watch face.

  • Affordable
  • Long Battery Life
  • Latest Health Sensors
  • 5ATM waterproof

  • No GPS

Bottom Line: If you are looking for an affordable smartwatch for teenagers with high-quality features such as more sports modes, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, sedentary reminder, etc., then MorePro is the best choice for you.


If you’re looking for a digital watch for your pre-teenage child then you can read another article: Best Smartwatches For Kids


3. Fitbit Charge 3: Best Fitness Tracker For Teenagers

Teens want to get fit and stay healthy, but that can be difficult when they are too busy with school or extracurricular activities. Fitbit Charge 3 is an activity tracker that helps them reach their fitness goals by motivating them to move more throughout the day and tracking their progress towards those goals.

Having a fitness band may be boring and unappealing at first. But once you start using it, you will see how much of an impact it can make in your daily life. The features justify its position in the list of best smartwatches for teenagers.

Key features:

  • Uni-band design
  • 7-day battery life
  • Durable and Swim-proof materials
  • Goal-based exercise modes
  • Calls, text, and calendar alerts
  • Continuous heart tracker


The single-band design fits almost every wrist. Be it a young teen boy or girl, the band shall pose no problem whatsoever.

Strength of materials:

Fitbit ensures the delivery of premium devices to their customers. This particular piece of gadgetry is water resistant up to 50m. The materials are strong and durable.

Battery life:

The watch provides juice for a whole good week. 

Activity & Fitness Tracking:

As the name suggests, this machine is all about keeping fit. There are 15+ exercise modes available that will charm teens. A pedometer is present alongside the calorie counter.

A 24-hour heart-rate tracker lets you know about your heart’s condition and the impact of exercise on it.

GPS allows movement tracking in outdoor activity.

Waterproofing of up to 50m gives you the freedom to attend swimming classes with the watch on. Tracking swimming strokes is also possible with this device.

Fun features:

  • You can receive calls, text, and calendar alerts quickly.
  • Weather app shall help you schedule your programs as per the rainy season.

  • Simplistic design
  • Waterproof
  • Good battery
  • Exercise modes

  • An expensive watch
  • More of a band-like look rather than a smartwatch

Bottom line: The Fitbit Charge 3 is an excellent choice for transforming teens. Transitioning from childhood to teenage will be fun with this soft and light fitness band.


4. Amazfit Verge: Best Sports Watch For Teenager

The Amazfit Verge smartwatch for teens is a great alternative to an Apple Watch or Android Wear. It’s rugged, has GPS tracking, sleep analysis, and heart rate monitoring. And it doesn’t cost $300!

The Amazfit Verge smartWatch is perfect for teens because it’s durable, lightweight, and doesn’t need to be charged as often as others on the market. It also tracks steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep quality while having all the features that an adult might want including text notifications and music control from their wrist.

This smartwatch also features 12 sports modes and GPS tracking so you can track your run or bike ride without carrying your phone around. You’ll always have access to music with 4GB of internal storage. Plus it’s waterproof too. So, your kid won’t be able to resist this watch.

Key features:

  • AMOLED screen
  • 5-day battery
  • 12 different sports modes
  • Continuous heart-rate tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Activity Tracker
  • Water Resistant
  • Call and text after pairing with a smartphone


This member of the Amazfit family targets the lively population. The Hollywood-inspired design provides sci-fi watch faces. Futuristic displays such as shown in Blade Runner, The Martian, and The Avengers: Infinity War are available.

The watch brags a 1.3″ AMOLED screen. This paired with a hypo-allergenic and expandable wrist band makes a perfect combination for your children. It features a circular display with 360 x 360 resolution and Gorilla Glass 3 protection, which makes it extremely durable at just 0.49 inches thin (1.2 cm).

Battery Life:

Amazfit Verge has a battery life of up to good 5 days after a single charge which takes about 2.5 hours. So you don’t have to worry about charging it every night like many other models.

Strength of materials:

The sturdiness of the materials will amaze you. The watch comes with an IP68 rating, which means robust protection against water, scratches, and dust.

Sports Mode:

12 Sports Modes help you track your progress and stay motivated whether you’re on an elliptical trainer or playing a competitive game of soccer. The use of GPS and GLONASS accurately tracks your routes and distances. This is the reason we termed it a sports smartwatch for teens.

Fitness Tracking:

Amazfit is Amazing at fitness tracking. The 24/7 heart-rate monitor and the sleep tracker work in synchrony with the workout app. It can also track your calories burned, steps taken and distance traveled all day.

Call, Text, and Notifications:

Youngsters these days are glued to their phones. They need a smartwatch that will help them stay connected with friends but also encourages them to get up and move around.

With the Amazfit Verge Smartwatch, kids can make calls and send texts without having to pull out their phones. Moreover, they can remain connected with friends through social media apps like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat without having to use their cell phones constantly. All they have to do is to pair Amazfit verge with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Fun Features:

  • In this gadget, you get a personal assistant in the form of ALEXA. Alexa will allow you to hear flash briefings and get weather forecasts.

  • A bright AMOLED screen
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Call and text via Bluetooth
  • IP68 endurance rating
  • Multi-sports mode with GPS and GLONASS
  • Sci-fi design watch faces

  • No WIFI connectivity
  • Mobile Payment option is missing

Bottom line: Amazfit Verge is designed for sports and outdoor adventures as well as everyday wearability – making it the perfect smartwatch for any teenager looking for something practical but fun! The Sci-fi lovers, too, will divulge in a loveable affair with the watch.


5. Fitbit Versa 2: Best Fitness Watch For Teens

The Fitbit company aims to deliver you fitness-related products. The Fitbit Versa 2 is the best fitness watch for all ages including teens. It’s stylish, affordable, and easy to use. You’ll love how it looks on your wrist and how much easier it makes tracking your daily activity.

Many teens are sedentary, which means they’re not getting enough exercise and that can lead to problems later in life. Exercise is important for your body as well as your mind. If you don’t get enough physical activity it can lead to depression, poor academic performance, obesity, high blood pressure, or even heart disease.

The Fitbit Versa 2 fitness watch is a great tool to help keep you motivated towards reaching your goals of staying fit and healthy. This smartwatch has everything you need from tracking steps taken each day to monitoring heart rate levels throughout the day so you know when it’s time for a break or some extra exercise. With this device on hand, there will be no excuse not to reach your fitness goals.

Key features:

Apart from fitness, there are a lot of features to explore.

  • Apple watch-like design
  • Large display with always-on
  • Voice assistant, i.e., Alexa
  • Health monitoring and fitness tracking
  • Long-lasting battery


This watch provides a very intuitive design. A variety of beautiful straps makes it one of the most attractive wrist ornaments available. The crispy display of an AMOLED screen with an Always-On feature will surely compel the tweens to purchase it.


With fun colors like lavender purple and rose gold this smartwatch looks great while also being functional! Your teen will love wearing their new fitness watch.

Battery Life: 

The battery outshines its rivals. With normal use, this battery can give you enough juice to last for 6 days or even more.

Fitness tracking:

Fitbit Versa 2 fitness watch is here with all-day activity tracking including heart rate monitoring and connected GPS running and biking capabilities plus smart features like auto-exercise recognition, on-screen workouts & guided breathing sessions make this one of the best fitness watches for teens who are looking to stay fit!

This smartwatch has a new feature called Sleep Stages that measures your quality of rest by tracking how long it takes you to fall asleep and the number of times you wake up during the night. It even tracks whether or not you’re in the REM (rapid eye movement) which is when most dreaming occurs! Knowing this information allows parents to better understand their child’s sleeping habits so they can help them improve their overall health and well-being.

Thus, providing a complete package.

Activity Tracking:

The other fitness features which come with the smartwatch are steps counter, distance measurer, the duration of the activity. This watch is also capable of measuring the floors climbed.

With built in GPS you can map routes on your watch without carrying your phone around which makes it great for running or biking outdoors since there are no wires getting in the way during workouts. If you’re into swimming then this tracker will automatically recognize when you jump into the pool so it starts tracking laps and counts calories burned accurately based on how fast you’re moving in the water.


It can show notifications from your phone or other apps like Facebook, Instagram etc. when paired with the smartphone via Bluetooth.

Fun features:

  • Fitbit Pay app allows you to pay via the watch. It relieves you of the burden of carrying a wallet all the time.
  • Amazon Alexa is the voice assistant at your disposal. It assists you in setting reminders and reminds you to carry out activity too.
  • The music lover teens and tweens can control the Spotify app via the watch and play hundreds of songs online.

  • A subtle design
  • Good battery life
  • Amazon Alexa assistant
  • Fitbit pay app

  • Fitness goal app is premium
  • The always-on display consumes more battery

Bottom line: Fitbit Versa 2 is the best fitness watch for teens because it tracks how long they have been active during the day and gives them a personalized bedtime reminder with a silent alarm clock to help them wind down from the day, so they can get an uninterrupted night of sleep.


6. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Best Android Smartwatch For Teenagers

Samsung’s dexterity in producing marvels is uncanny. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 nicely sits amongst its competitors. It is a perfect solution for teenagers as it has everything they want in their teenage life. It can be used to track fitness, listen to music, messaging and many more things like that.

Key features:

  • Elegant round dial
  • Good battery life
  • Fitness and health tracking
  • Samsung Pay


Tweens and teens that are aware of the trends surely know of Samsung as the tech giant. The dynamics of the watch are pretty cool. They adapt to your wrist pretty nicely. It comes in light weighted aluminum or a stainless-steel design. The freedom of customization in watch faces makes it more attractive.

Battery life:

This is claimed to be the king of battery life because the company claims to give 5 days of juice on a single charge.

Fitness tracking:

The pedometer, calorie counter, and exercise tracker work in such synchrony that working out becomes more comfortable than ever. GPS gives a better record of an outdoor workout.

The intelligent heart sensor automatically signals you of heart rate variations. So, a continuous measure shall let you analyze your heart rate. The sleep tracker app keeps a good record of sleep while monitoring stress levels.

Fun features:

  • You no longer need to carry a wallet because you can pay your bills via Samsung Pay.
  • The ability to stream YouTube and listen to your favorite songs gives you the entertainment you want. Bixby, the voice assistant, can be fun too in making texts and calls.

  • Attractive design for teens
  • Good battery life
  • Voice assistant Bixby
  • Mobile Pay via Samsung Pay

  • A little costly watch

Bottom line: This is a stylish light-weighted watch. It focuses on fitness tracking and health monitoring while giving a rounded dial. It shall find an abode in the hearts of mature youngsters.


7. TicWatch E2: Best Swimming Smartwatch For Techy Teens

The TicWatch E2 provides a very typical smartwatch look with some seriously functional specifications. In fact, it is an amazing smartwatch for teenagers who like to keep up with technology but don’t want anything too big or bulky on their wrists (or wallets!). It has everything you would expect from a good wearable – GPS, heart rate sensor, activity tracker, etc., plus it looks great! And most importantly – its affordable price makes this watch the perfect gift for any occasion.

Key features:

  • Round gorgeous dial
  • Waterproofing till 5 ATM
  • Google Fit app for fitness tracking
  • Wear OS by Google


The lightweight and comfortable design paired with the option of hundreds of watch faces will appeal to the youth. Plus, the AMOLED screen is a pleasure to have.

Strength of materials:

TicWatch E2 is an absolute beast in terms of endurance. This smartwatch is 5ATM water resistant so it can be worn in the shower and even while swimming. With TicWatch E2, you don’t have to worry about water damage or accidental spills.

Fitness tracking:

The dynamics of the watch make it ideal for swimmers. If you are a regular swimmer, this smartwatch is made for you. This gadget from Mobvoi lets you dive into water up to a good 50m. The watch accurately records lap count, stroke count, etc., and detects your swim style.

Fitness record, apart from Swimming, is also precise and detects steps, speed, distance, and calories burned. The incorporation of GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou makes outdoor activity recording very smooth.

The 24-hour heart-rate monitor is a blessing to have.

Fun features:

  • A multitude of apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store.
  • Google’s Wear OS is smooth and efficient. Google Assistant will keep the youngsters entertained.

  • AMOLED screen
  • Cool watch faces
  • Great waterproofing
  • Swimming data recording is best
  • Health and fitness tracking is top-notch

  • Lacks mobile payment option

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a wearable that will help your teen stay safe and communicate with their friends without worrying about damaging their device then look no further than TicWatch E2.


8. YAMAY: Best Economical Smartwatch For Teenage Boys And Girls  

The problem with most smartwatches is that they are too expensive for the average teenager but YAMAY company provides you everything in its smartwatch and that too at a very economical price.

Key features:

  • Unisex design
  • IP68 waterproofing
  • 7-10 days battery life
  • Fitness tracking
  • Female Health Monitoring


The YAMAY smartwatch presents a charming unisex design similar to the Apple Watch Series. The metal frame looks cool while the double hole designed strap lets your skin breathe.


You can also choose between two sizes (one size fits all or large) depending on your wrist size. Its design makes it suitable even for small wrists, so girls would love this accessory as well!


It comes in multiple colors which makes it easy to match your style or outfit. Finally, the black strap looks great with any outfit – from casual wear to formal clothes like dresses and suits!

Battery life:

The watch stands tall with its battery that lasts 7-10 days after a single charge.


The IP68 waterproofing is a shining feature of the gadget. Washing hands and running in the rain will be no problem.

Fitness tracking:

The fitness tracker suits all ages, adults, teenagers, and kids all can get the better of it. 14 different sports modes are available. The usage of GPS makes outdoor activity recording a piece of cake. A heart-rate monitor seals the deal.

Sleep tracking and Female Health monitor help detect sleep changes and period data, respectively.

Fun features:

  • The music controller shall bless your ears with soft music on a lonely night.
  • Receiving calls and message alerts works like a breeze.
  • You can receive social media alerts and stay up to date with the watch. This feature shall come in handy when you are enjoying a party and don’t want to take your phone out for every small notification.

  • Sturdy watch
  • Waterproofing
  • Female Health monitor
  • Good fitness tracker
  • A very economical watch

  • No option of mobile payment

Bottom line: Its convenient features make it perfect for all ages including teenage boys or girls who want to track their daily activity levels without wearing bulky devices around their wrists. More specifically, the Yamay smartwatch suits teenage girls as it provides them all the essential features with female health recorders being the cherry on the top.


Which is The Best Smartwatch For Teens?

All the contenders in this competition carry their own weight, but based on the features provided and the price tags, we have two toppers. The MorePro smartwatch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 are up for a duel. Though Samsung provides a bit more gimmick than the MorePro smartwatch, still the affordable price tag of the MorePro makes it soar above others. So, the best smartwatch for teenager is the MorePro watch, and the Runner-up is Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.


Frequently Asked Questions About Teens Smartwatches

What kind of features do teenagers need in a smartwatch?

This is a tough question as it can depend on the person and their needs. For example, You might not want to buy a smartwatch with swimming compatibility if you don’t like to swim. Similarly. if you’re into fitness then you might focus more on that area instead of other features. There are so many great options available such as waterproof watches with GPS capabilities and much more. You’ll be able to find something perfect for them no matter what level of technology they prefer or where their interests lie.

How does the kid’s watch work?

The kid’s smartwatch pairs with the parent’s phone via Bluetooth (compatible with android and iOS both).

Are there any precautions for waterproof watches?

Despite being waterproof, the watches should not be used in hot baths and saunas.

What is the difference between a Smart band and a Smart watch?

The smart band is similar to a smartwatch but comes in a single-band design and provides only basic features such as fitness tracking, whereas the Smartwatch can pack a lot of stuff.

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