10 Best Waterproof Smartwatches – Water Resistant Watches 2022

Waterproof smartwatch and water resistance smartwatch are the two different terms used interchangeably whenever water contact behavior is explained.

Waterproofing means a device is totally impervious to water and will continue to function even if submerged forever. Water resistance, on the other hand, means a watch can withstand incidental contact with water, such as rain, splashes, and in extreme cases while water sports activities.

But is there any waterproof smartwatch?

The answer to this question is a resounding “No!” There is no such thing as a waterproof smartwatch. However, watches that are marketed as waterproof are actually water resistant.

Water resistance is a measure of how well a watch can resist water penetration. All watches are susceptible to water damage if they are exposed to it long enough, but some watches are more water resistant than others.

Water resistant watches come in IP67, IP68, 3ATM, 5ATM, 10ATM and 20ATM ratings. Each rating measures the watch’s level of water resistance to this specific type of liquid. The higher the rating, the more protection the watch has.

So, which water resistant smartwatch is right for you?

It depends on your needs and what type of activities you plan to use your watch for.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that no watch is completely waterproof and that all watches are susceptible to water damage if they are exposed to it for a long period of time.

So, If you’re looking for a watch that can be worn during all sorts of water activities, whether it’s scuba diving, kayaking or just washing dishes, you’ll want one with a higher water resistance rating. On the other hand, if you only need a watch for occasional swimming, a watch with 5ATM or 10ATM water resistance should suffice. And if you want the one that can withstand everyday activities such as light rain exposure, handwashing or dishwashing then go for 3ATM, IP68, and IP67 rated smartwatches. 

One thing is sure there is to be a water-resistant smartwatch that fits your needs.

But, there is a whole world of smartwatches out there that give you protection from the water. Therefore, In this piece of writing, I have listed the best options available, so you don’t need to tire your eyes by surfing the internet.

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission if you purchase from any of the links in this article without any extra cost to you.

Best Water Resistant Smartwatches 2022

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch ActiveSAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active
  • Water-resistant: 50m 
  • swim-ready design
  • Military standard protection
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Samsung Galaxy WatchSamsung Galaxy Watch
  • 50m water-resistant
  • Military standards durability
  • Fitness tracking
Check Price
Apple Watch Series 5Apple Watch Series 5
  • Water-resistant: 50m
  • Swim measurer of splits
  • Fitness tracking
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Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness SmartwatchFitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch
  • Water-resistant: 50m
  • Swimproof
  • Fitness tracking
Check Price
Fitbit Versa Smart WatchFitbit Versa Smart Watch
  • 15+ exercise modes
  • Water-resistant: 50m
  • Music playback
Check Price
Garmin 010-02064-00 InstinctGarmin 010-02064-00 Instinct
  • Water-resistant: 100m
  • shock resistant
  • Accurate GPS
Check Price
Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS SmartwatchGarmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch
  • Water-resistant: 50m
  • 15 sport modes
  • Fitness tracking with VO2 max
Check Price
Fossil 44mm Gen 5 CarlyleFossil 44mm Gen 5 Carlyle
  • Display:1.28 Inches
  • Water-resistant: 30m
  • 1-day battery life
Check Price
Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro SmartwatchSamsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch
  • Water-resistant: 50m
  • Dust resistant
  • Fitness tracking
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1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active – Water Resistant upto Smartwatch For Swimmers

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active (40MM, GPS, Bluetooth ) Smart Watch with Fitness Tracking, and Sleep Analysis - Black  (US Version)

Samsung doesn’t shy when it comes to producing bold devices. It has this great strategy of targeting every member of society individually. This specific watch from the manufacturers is targeted at the swimmer’s community.

I just love Samsung’s market strategy. The watchmakers ensure a premium experience for both types of owners, i.e., android and iOS.

This lad is all about swimming and water resistance. You are habitual of washing and dipping your hands in the water, this watch performs a 10m depth mark, so washing is a non-issue.

Samsung watch goes a step ahead by incorporating unmatchable strength and water resistance to it. You can take this smartwatch down with you to a depth of 50m. Swimming exercise with this watch is going to be a lovely routine.

Water is notorious for the crushing pressure it exerts. The human lungs can’t expand against water pressure, so the scuba divers carry oxygen tanks along with them. However, this device can withstand a pressure of 5ATM from the water.

What puts this watch in a unique position is the availability of a swimming design. The watch is lightweight and provides durability against the water.

The thin and ultra-lightweight property is an ace in the hole. The watch is military standard certified against heat, dust, water, and shock. It can bear anything from shocks to drops and water.

Scratch resistance is provided by Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The screen stays fresh and safe.

This watch shall provide you with automatic fitness tracking for about 39 different activities—the most notable among them being the swimming track for which this is designed aptly.

Whether you chose to walk, run, treadmill, or swim, the Samsung galaxy active watch will comfortably note all your activities.

The 24-hour track of heart rate keeps you updated on your heart health. If the rate touches too low or too high a value, the watch instantly notifies you of the grave changes.

What’s more?

Stay in touch with the world by connecting the phone to your watch and receiving notifications on your wrist.

A good battery is there, which can last for days after a single charge. The ability to carry out mobile payments is a relief.


  • Waterproof up to 50m of depth
  • A durable swim-ready design
  • Military standard protection
  • Water resistance of up to 5ATM
  • 30+ activity trackers

  • Waterproofing upto 50m
  • Water resistance to 5ATM pressure
  • Military standard durability of materials
  • lightweight
  • Samsung pay doesn’t work on iPhones
  • This smartwatch can’t be used in scuba diving


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2. Samsung Galaxy watch – The Macho Water Resistant Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm, GPS, Bluetooth, Unlocked LTE) – Midnight Black (US Version)

The Samsung galaxy watch had created a lot of hype when it was first launched. This watch is compatible with both android and iOS. It is among the best sellers from Samsung.

The watch will be by your side if you want to talk a long walk in the rain or if you want to embrace the sea. You want to hang out with your friends on a lake nearby or beat the heat in the pool, this watch will bear everything with you.

Samsung watch can bear up to 5ATM of water pressure. This humungous amount of water pressure allows you to hit great depths without the faintest of strain. The default pool length set in the watch is 25m that can be changed manually.

The watch design promotes usage underwater. The touch sensitivity of the smartwatch is automatically disabled in the water. There is a button on the side for controls under the water. Once out of the pool, you can reactivate the screen with the press of a button.

The screen and the body are completely water-resistant, but the speaker grill can get clogged with water. So, after coming out, you select the sound option in the fitness app, which plays a loud sound to blurt out the water.

In this watch, you can set target data for swimming and can track it. The fitness tracker records everything from walking to running to swimming. The fastest length covered, the number of calories burned, and the pace of the lap (in swimming or running) are recorded automatically.

The heart rate monitor gives you data on the variations in heart rate after the activity. The Samsung galaxy watch uses GPS to track your activity.

This is a macho watch. This watch is crafted to endure tough situations. The durability of the watch lives up to its Macho title. The material is sturdy as per military standards. It can easily bear tough conditions. You want to go on a hike and then take a dip in the lake. Well, this watch is made for you.

What’s more?

There is a home IoT feature that lets you control home appliances from the watch. A beneficial feature for the ladies indeed. The Samsung pay app allows free movement in the market without a wallet.


  • Waterproof up to 5 ATM pressure
  • Military standards durability
  • Fitness tracking
  • Good battery
  • Wireless charging

  • Military standards durability
  • Great water resistance upto 5 ATM
  • Good battery life
  • A heavy watch


3. Apple Watch Series 5 – Best Waterproof Smartwatch For iOS

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44mm) - Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band

For all obvious reasons, the Apple watch series is placed on top of other devices. The genre of Apple devices has found its way into the hearts of the loyal apple fanboys. Thus this watch stands out amongst all.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is compatible with iPhones only. The watch complies only with products from the Apple firm.

When it comes to waterproofing, the apple watch 5 comes in a unique position.

Someone interested in learning swimming will find this device extremely beneficial. If you own an iPhone and love to hit the pool, then this watch is made for you. This watch is capable of doing wonders in the pool.

The apple watch 5 is claimed to be resistant to 50m of water that, indeed, is a lot of depth. Moreover, the watch has filters for different depths. The amateurs can set the workout filter to 25, while the pros can take it deep into the 100m mark.

Waterproof watches face the issue of water trapping inside the speaker. The safety assurance from apple is top-notch. Here you can use the Digital Crown option in the watch after you have taken your joyful bath. The Digital Crown releases a loud sound from the speaker that effectively clears it of any water.

This wristwatch keeps records of your split sets and the details regarding them. It automatically detects the strokes while swimming. Thus providing you authentic data of the swimming activity.

The options do not end here. If you want more control over your swimming schedule, then the choice of installing 3rd party apps is available too.

Along with the option of recording swimming data, it is also capable of keeping track of your steps, running and laps. It incorporates GPS and also provides you with heart rate data to be aware of the changes in exercise.

The case made up of anodized aluminum is strong to withstand forces of water and is rust-proof too. The straps are also of good quality. Thus making it ideal as a waterproof watch.

What’s more?

The watch lives up to the Apple name in terms of features. It boasts a beautiful AMOLED always-on retina display. A 4G-LTE connection option with mobile payment makes it a good contender.


  • Waterproof
  • Swim measurer of splits
  • Filters for workout
  • Always-on display
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Waterproof till 100m
  • The stroke and splits record is good
  • Ability to install 3rd party apps
  • Anodized aluminum is durable
  • Expensive watch


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4. Fitbit Versa 2 – The Best Swimproof Fitness Watch

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included)

The Fitbit Versa is a powerpack of features. It’s not just phenomenal for its fitness tracking abilities but also has a long-lasting battery life so that you never need to worry about charging it. Waterproofing makes this even better: Now, you can wear your new Fitbit all day anywhere without worry. To top it off, features such as appealing design, easy-to-read display, and comfortable feel make this model perfect for you.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is compatible with both android and iOS. So, whatever brand you own, this watch will work well.

Fitbit Versa 2 is your new swim buddy. Add Fitbit Versa 2 to your pool bag, beach bag, or gym kit for a seamless life on the go! Its 50m of water resistance and style make it an essential watch for swimmers everywhere!

The watch lets the swim learners keep a record of themselves. The distance of the laps and the durations are all recorded in the fitness app. If you want to compete in a swimming competition, this watch can lend you a hand by measuring the pace of your swim workout.

In addition to the built-in applications, 3rd party apps for swimming can also be installed on this smartwatch. The different bands that can be latched onto the watch give you the option of putting on a water-stable one. Thus, the Hagibis Fitbit versa silicone band is recommended, which maintains itself in the water.

If a watch can withstand the burden of hectic water activity such as swimming, then rain showers and baths are not significant.

The watch looks like a replica of the apple watch. The materials used are sturdy and strong enough to last under the water.

Designed for the individual looking for a fitness tracker and a complete workout regime, the Fitbit Versa 2 tracks your calories burned and heart rate. It measures steps taken, distance ran or cycled, among other features.

Different modes of tracking like running or cycling provide you with comprehensive information about your daily exercises. The watch is designed with an adaptive purpose in mind so that it can be suitable for various activities without any additional components needed. Let the adjustable strap allow you to find your ideal fit as well!

What’s more?

The Fitbit Versa 2 is the perfect way to keep track of your daily routine. When fully charged, it can last for 5+ days—so there’s never any worry about running out of juice. The voice assistant will follow orders and remind you when you need some exercise, and if mobile payments are something that helps convenience in your life, then Fitbit Pay might be right for you too.


  • Always-on display
  • Waterproof up to 50m
  • Swimproof
  • Fitness tracking
  • Good battery

  • Waterproofing till 50m
  • The swimming recorder is good
  • Good battery
  • Better fitness tracker
  • Fitbit premium app requires payment for working


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5. Fitbit Versa – The Watch for Scuba Divers

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch, Black/Black Aluminium, One Size (S & L Bands Included)

The Fitbit Versa is a relatively older member of the Fitbit Family, but it maintains its good score when it comes to waterproofing capabilities.

The Fitbit versa watch, like other watches of the family, works smoothly with both android and iOS.

This watch shall make you complacent regarding your waterproofing needs. If you are obsessed with keeping your stuff clean, then buy this. This watch shall sit nicely on your wrist while accomplishing your goals of obsession.

The waterproofing goes beyond “just washing” and enhances your swimming experience too. The watch has handsome water resistance features available until a depth of 50m of water. The average pool is a piece of cake for this particular gadget.

As per the manufacturers, you can fulfill your dream of scuba diving with this on the wrist. Surely this is a stand-out feature. However, a maximum depth of 160 feet is recommended.

You can enjoy the company of your watch in the shower too. Here you can relax your mind and soul by listening to light music in the bathtub. It would be great if you didn’t take the watch to the sauna or a hot bath as the steam may harm it.

The watch case is cast out of anodized aluminum. Light and strong material it is. This can resist pressure, jerks, and wear and tear pretty well.

The KmasicFitbit silicone sports band is pretty sturdy. It doesn’t seem to get affected by water splashes and dips. So, it is recommended to strap on the very band and then embrace the sea.

This watch is capable of sufficing your fitness needs. It offers a variety of sports modes. As advertised, there are more than 15 different sports modes. You want to go for a run or hit the pool, you will find a tool in the SmartTrack app.

If you are skeptical of your weight and find swimming as a means to shed the extra kilos, the watch will aid you by recording the stroke, lap data as you swim.

A 24-hour heart rate monitor keeps you updated on your heart’s condition and makes it easy for you to notice the changes produced by a workout.

What’s more?

Fitbit versa has the option of storing 300+ songs. This little feature is a very col one for music lovers.


  • More than 15 exercise modes
  • Waterproof up to 50m in the water
  • Strong watch body
  • Fitness tracker
  • Music playback

  • Waterproofing till 50m
  • Can take it for scuba diving
  • Stores songs
  • Reasonable price
  • Provides basic features only
  • Can get damaged in hot water


6. Garmin Instinct – Most Durable Waterproof Smartwatch

Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS, Features Glonass and Galileo, Heart Rate Monitoring and 3-Axis Compass, Graphite

The Garmin Instinct is the military watch in the true sense. Everything associated with this watch is rough and tough.

The watch offers compatibility with both the famous platforms, i.e., android and iOS.

The water-resistance of this piece of gadgetry is approved as per the military standards. This means this lad isn’t going down that easily. The water resistance shall apply to a depth of 100m. This depth is sufficient for most of us.

Another measure of water resistance is the bearing capacity of the water pressure. This watch can take a good 10 ATM of water pressure making it as tough as the military guy wearing it.

It falls in the category of choice for many people. Daily swimmers who worry about their fancy gadgets can surely get their hands on it, while the military guys can have it as a blessing.

Pool swim and underwater sea swim aren’t an issue. As the strap is made out of silicone, no threats to the band can be countered.

This, by all means, is the most durable watch in the category. It is built to US military standard 810 for resistance against heat, shock, and water. Here, you can go literally through anything on its face and see it coming out successful from the test.

The resistance numbers mean that the screen can manage wear and tear ad scratches with the utmost ease. Not to mention the great stand against the water.

The watch doesn’t shy out in this department too. Pretty decent specifications for fitness tracking are present here. The Garmin Instinct offers different activity profiles to suffice your different types of workout needs.

Swimming recorder, step, and running measurer are part of the many profiles present. This fitness tracking paired with the heart rate monitor helps you take a grip of your body by knowing what’s going inside.

What’s more?

This example of strength is laced with a mastered engineering in the GPS. The watch uses GPS, Glonass, and Galileo to track your location and motion. The TrackBAck feature lets you head back to the starting point. Thus positioning is very accurate.

A very long-lasting battery is also among the salient features. You get a minimum juice of up to 14 days with a single charge.


  • Waterproofing till 100m depth
  • Can bear up to 10 ATM of water pressure
  • Military standard shock and water-resistant
  • Accurate GPS for navigation
  • Huge battery
  • Fitness tracking

  • Waterproofing up to 100m and 10 ATM pressure
  • Military standard heat and shock-resistant
  • One of the best positioning service
  • A very basic design and features


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7. Garmin Vivoactive 3 – Best Outdoor Waterproof SmartWatch

Smartwatch GARMIN Vivoactive 3 1,2" GPS Waterproof 5 ATM Glonass Black Stainless Steel

Garmin Vivoactive 3 is one high-tech watch with every feature imaginable. From fitness tracking to mobile payments, the Garmin Vivoactive 3 has it all! This super sleek and stylish piece will be at the center of your busy life.

It can actually take on anything you can throw at it! Garmin Vivoactive 3 is water-resistant up to 50m, tough, and really easy-to-read even when you’re sweating profusely or in a pool.

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is compatible with android and iOS both. Thus, it poses no problem at all.

This state-of-the-art smartwatch has a sleek design and is durable enough to be worn outside in all kinds of weather. It’s safe for swimming or showering because it’s waterproof up to 50m (5ATM rating), making it perfect to wear 24/7.

Whether you’re digging a trench or sitting on the couch, Garmin Vivoactive 3 is the perfect smartwatch for all of your adventuring.

Be it in the shower or the pool, the Corning Gorilla glass protection adds extra durability to the watch.

Give your body the respect it deserves. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a smartwatch that keeps tabs on the things you love while also keeping an eye on how you feel and what’s stressing you out–so this high-tech accessory can offer real-time guidance to help you achieve all of your goals, from health to fun, and everything in between.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a small wearable gadget that provides a day’s worth of data about how much time was spent working out each day (hours!), what kinds of exercises were being done (yoga, running), heart rate during workouts, and more!

What’s more?

It is not just the sleek design that sets this device apart. The wearable comes with a heart rate monitor and GPS as well, integrated seamlessly into the daily routine of healthy living. Never miss a moment thanks to smart notifications on the watch face, including texts, calls, e-mails, and social media updates delivered right to your wrist.

With a battery life lasting up to 7 days – barely needing an additional charge ever again makes this little piece of technology indispensable in today’s fast-paced society where we are constantly on the go!

Garmin Pay App allows you to pay for your morning coffee without the need to carry a wallet along with you. 


  • Waterproof up to 50m
  • 15 sports apps
  • Fitness tracking with VO2 max and fitness made estimates
  • Mobile payment by Garmin Pay
  • Good sports modes
  • Waterproofing till 50m
  • Good for use in the shower or washing
  • 7 days of Battery life
  • Affordable price
  • A very basic design of the watch


8. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless steel watch

Fossil Unisex 44MM Gen 5 Carlyle HR Heart Rate Stainless Steel and Silicone Touchscreen Smart Watch, Color: Black (Model: FTW4025)

Fossil Gen watches are amongst the best-sold watches online. Their efficacy in waterproofing is a great feature that adds to the sales.

The fossil gen 5 is compatible with iPhones and Android devices.

The numbers don’t show the actual power of this device when it comes to waterproofing. The watch is a treat to have. The swim-proof design of the watch ensures performance.

If water usage is a part of your job, this device is a good option. You like to spend the summer vacations on the lake, catching fish. This is going to be your perfect companion. You need to dip the hand in the water multiple times, no problem. The watch will withstand this with the utmost ease.

The water-resistance of 3ATM means this watch will survive well in the pool too. The swim-proof design added with the good resistance offered will make your swimming sessions more fun.

As Google’s own Operating system powers the watch, i.e., the Google OS, there are various applications regarding swimming available for download.

The fitness tracking is better than your expectations. Google OS is a sea of options. The Google Fit app is a concise and complete package for your daily health and fitness tracking.

The Google fit app devises a fitness plan for you and encourages you to obtain Heart Points by achieving the goals. So, if you are a lazy guy who relies on motivation for exercise, this watch can be your life-saver and goal-achiever.

A 24-hour heart rate monitor will provide you heart data at any hour. ECG data is produced when the workout data is combined with the heart rate data.

What’s more?

A voice assistant that serves more like a personal servant is available here. Google Assistant can answer almost all of your questions and follow your commands obediently.

Wireless payment via Google Pay app provides you the comfort of paying easily via your watch.

A good long-lasting battery is present with different battery modes.


  • Waterproofing up to 3ATM pressure
  • A Swimproof design
  • Google OS
  • Ability to make and receive calls
  • 8GB of internal storage
  • Swimproof design
  • Water-resistance till 3 ATM
  • Good battery
  • Google fit app is accurate and smooth
  • Water-resistance could have been better


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9. Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro – The Best Band-like Waterproof Watch

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch Fitness Band (Small), Liquid Black, SM-R365NZKNXAR – US Version with Warranty

This watch is a feast for the eyes. The swimmers will love it and find it hard to get off their wrists.

The watch is compatible with Android OS 4.4 and above and with iOS 9.0 and above.

Kudos to Samsung for doing everything right in making this beautiful piece of power. The watch brags its swim-ready design. You want to stroll in the rain or want to head to the shower; this watch shall accompany you and give you a good time.

IP68 rating in water resistance is a salient feature of the watch.

Do you love to play music in the gym and feel worried about the sweat damaging your watch, or do you enjoy light music while lying peacefully in the bath? This watch will withstand the splashes of sweat and continuous dips in the bath, whatever the condition is.

You won’t need to worry about any damage to your gadget when in the pool, thanks to the 50m water resistance offered.

The GPS watch is beneficial in noting your movement while in the pool. Thus, an authentic record of your swim session is kept.

A complete package of fitness regimes is provided in this watch. The MapMyRun app is exceptional at noting the distance you have covered in the pursuit of exercise.

MyFitnessPalm is an in-the-hand calorie counter. You can easily track your nutrition intake with this great technology.

You can achieve your fitness goals very easily and promptly due to the power of Under Armour apps.

Continuous heart-rate tracking gives you a clear picture of the day’s performance. You can see how your heart stands with the extensive exercise routine.

What’s more?

Music storage on the device is a plus. It allows you to take your wireless headphones with you and easily play music on the watch while it is connected.

A good battery that lasts for days comes in handy with the ability to receive notifications of calls and texts.


  • Waterproofing up to 50m
  • IP68 rating for waterproofing
  • Fitness app powered by Under Armour
  • Continuous heart monitoring and calorie counter
  • Waterproofing till 50m
  • Dust resistant
  • IP68 rating for water resistance
  • Fitness tracking is one of the best
  • Specified apps for calorie count
  • Continuous heart-rate monitor
  • The design of the device is that of a smart band rather than a watch


10. Letsfit – Cheap Waterproof Smartwatch

Letsfit Smart Watch Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor & Blood Oxygen Saturation, 5ATM Waterproof Smartwatch for Women Men-Black

Letsfit is one of the most economical smartwatches among all the options. It is laced with all the required features.

The Letsfit watch shall work with android OS 4.0 or above, while a minimum of iOS 8.0 is necessary.

The watch is waterproof, which means you can carry out washing with ease. Washing hands or your car is not a problem for this great wrist ornament. It poses no problem in dishwashing either.

The IP68 rating in the watch means the device can be dropped into a 1.5-meter depth of water and stays in it for half an hour. The watch shall withstand this maneuver, thus given the IP68 rating.

This rating also makes it resistant to dust. Thus, you get a watch that is resistant to both water and dust.

This watch will accompany you in any weather. This watch has the potential to become your new swimming companion.

The multisport mode available is a pure pleasure. Do you want to set up a workout regime? This device will fill in all the blanks of fitness tracking.

Running, cycling, hiking, climbing, treadmill, and yoga modes are there, to name a few. Be it any sport of your choice; you will find a specific mode for it.

The device keeps a record for swimming data too.

The new feature of stress training can help you lose weight. The calorie counter, sports mileage, and sleep quality tracker will inform you of the day’s performance and the quality of sleep, respectively.

What’s more?

The watch offers music control. The tough workouts are supported by music. If you feel motivated by listening to music while burning those muscles, this watch will help you ease in controlling it.

A perfect battery is incorporated in it that shall last 10 days without any hassle.

It’s a texting smartwatch so you can receive calls and SMS reminders along with notifications of social media apps.


  • Waterproof
  • IP68 rating for water and dust resistance
  • Fitness tracking
  • Music control
  • Stress training
  • Waterproof
  • Good for swimming
  • Economical price
  • IP68 rating
  • Music control
  • Lacks a heart-rate sensor



How do I choose the best waterproof smartwatch?

If you are looking for a waterproof smartwatch, it can be hard to find the right one. Because there are so many different smartwatches on the market, they all have various features.

1. Compatibility:

The smartwatch should be compatible with both the famous smartphone platforms, namely iOS and Android. iOS devices are powered by Apple’s products, while android has Google’s software incorporated.

So, the watch should easily connect to both OS via Bluetooth so that it doesn’t pose a problem for you.

2. Waterproofing:

Verily, the gospel of the required features is water resistance. The type of water resistance offered varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Usually, people can use a waterproof smartwatch daily, but it is not suitable for swimming or diving. Some of them provide you mere protection from a dip, while some allow you to take a full swimming training with the watch on.

Variation also exists in terms of the depth of water to which the watch can go.

IP67 and IP68 smartwatches are the least resistant to water, as they are designed to withstand being submerged in just up to 1m and 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. They provide mere protection from dip and splashes.

3ATM means that the watch can withstand pressures equivalent to depths of 30 meters, or about 100 feet. They can resist water damage from splashes, whether they come while dishwashing, handwashing, or rain, but should not be worn while swimming.

5ATM means that the watch can withstand pressures equivalent to depths of 50 meters, or about 165 feet. They can resist water damage from rain, splashes, and can also be used for shallow swimming.

10ATM means that the watch can withstand pressures equivalent to depths of 100 meters, or about 328 feet.

20ATM means that the watch can withstand pressures equivalent to depths of 200 meters, or about 650 feet. They have all the resisting abilities of 10ATM or less rating watches, additionally, 20ATM smartwatches can be used for all forms of swimming including scuba or deep diving.

3. Durability of materials:

Besides water resistance ratings there are a few special features that make them more resistant to water damage. For example, watches with screw-down crowns are more resistant to water infiltration than watches with push-button crowns.

The watch should be robust in general and should also be able to bear wear and tear. Stainless steel and aluminum are the most commonly used materials for making the case as they don’t catch rust from the water or moisture. The strength of the case should be strong enough to withstand extreme conditions like mud or water immersion.

4. Fitness tracking:

A fitness tracking feature in the app can come in handy for swimming learners. If their swimming data is recorded in the waterproof watch, they can note progress easily.

5. Other Considerations:

  • Must have better battery life and fit well with your lifestyle. It should be comfortable enough to wear every day and durable enough for any adventure.
  • Your ideal watch will need an app store where you can download new apps and games whenever you like.
  • The screen must be clear and easy to use even when wet or sweaty.
  • Fun features such as a voice assistant, streaming music, and making calls/messages will make the watch more attractive.


Can you wear water resistant smartwatch while bathing/showering?

We recommend you not to wear a smartwatch while showering. 


Why should you buy a water-resistant watch instead of just using your phone all the time?

The advent of smartwatches has left us less dependent on our phones. The smartwatch is the most beneficial piece of tech-laden jewelry that peacefully sits on your wrist.

No hustle of carrying a phone. It’s easier to glance at a watch than pull out your phone from your pocket every time you want to check the time. Moreover, we have noticed that many people encounter problems of having a small pocket or no pocket at all, which hinders them from carrying a phone along.

You can wear your waterproof smartwatch while showering without worrying about it getting wet, whereas you can’t think of taking out your smartphone in the rain either.

A water-resistant smartwatch is less expensive and has a better battery life than smartphones.


What does the IP68 waterproof rating mean?

An IP68 rating means that the watch can resist a 30-minute duration in 1.5-meter deep water.


Can I take my watch for scuba diving?

Most smartwatches aren’t waterproof enough for swimming, scuba diving, and other water sports like surfing or snorkeling. However, the Fitbit Versa Watch can be carried to depths not greater than 160 ft.


What should be avoided for the long life of the watch?

Abrupt temperature changes should be avoided. It is recommended not to wear the watch in a hot bath or the sauna.


Which part of the watch is most sensitive to water damage?

All the watches are waterproof, yet you have to take care of water peeping into the speaker. Make sure that you remove all the water after water exposure.



The robust technology of waterproofing is a creational marvel and is living proof of man’s ingenious thought. All the competitors in the “Best Waterproof Smartwatch” perform exceptionally well in the given field. However, the Galaxy Watch Active wins all the rounds beating the Samsung Galaxy watch by a close margin.

The Galaxy Watch Active provides you subtle protection against the water while having great military standard protection against drops, dust, and heat. The runner-up in this race is the Samsung Galaxy Watch.