Why Is My Apple Watch Dying So Fast 2022 (Series 7,SE,6,5)

We hear every other Apple user complaining about the battery life. No doubt Apple has the best smartwatch in the market to keep track of your heart rate, calories, and fitness goals. Despite all the advanced features, it is criticized for its poor battery health. If you have the same question “why is my apple watch dying so fast?”, then this article will help you fix the issues.

Why Is My Apple Watch Dying So Fast?

Generally, An Apple battery lasts up to 18 hours. If you are not able to make the most out of a single charge then it means you have been aggressively using it. Your screen is on for longer, your apps could be running in the background, you might be receiving too many notifications or you might have set high screen brightness.

You can check the battery stats to see which app is consuming all the juice. Simply go to the watch app from your iPhone and see the usage. This will help you to extend the battery life.

Let’s discuss the queries people have regarding the battery performance.

Why is my Apple Watch battery draining so quickly?

The latest Apple Watch 7 has 18h of battery life. If your device dies quickly, then you need a quick fix.

Apple comes up with software upgrades regularly. Wait for a few days after the new release to make sure it is bug-free. Another reason is the pairing issue. Your Apple Watch will consume more power if it keeps getting disconnected from your iPhone.

The age of your Apple Watch also matters. If it is an older model then you need to get the battery replaced or you need to upgrade your Apple Watch.

Other reasons could be your iPhone displaying so many notifications, wake screen on your wrist is high, increased screen brightness, and apps running in the background.

How do I stop my Apple Watch from dying so fast?

If you want to keep your Apple Watch running for longer then you need to change the settings.

  1.       Re-connect your Apple Watch with your iPhone
  2.       Reduce the wake screen time to 15 seconds
  3.       Disable wake screen on wrist raise
  4.       Disable Always On Display
  5.       Reduce brightness
  6.       Enable Notifications Off
  7.       Turn off Background App Refresh
  8.       Turn on Reduce Motion
  9.       Turn off Siri
  10.   Update Software

If following these steps doesn’t help you with the battery time, then you need to contact Apple Support or get your watch checked at the store.

How can I tell what’s draining my Apple Watch battery?

You need to check a few things to understand what’s draining your battery.

If you have not upgraded your smartwatch in a few years then you need a newer version. Moreover, extreme weather conditions are also the reason for battery degradation. If you expose your device to sunlight then it is more likely to degrade faster.

You also need to check that the mentioned features are not unnecessarily running.

How do I know when my Apple Watch needs a new battery?

If you have tried everything with the features with no significant changes in the battery life, then it could be a hardware issue. You need to get the battery replaced for optimum performance or you should consider upgrading your smartwatch to a newer version.

Apple recommends keeping your device in ambient temperatures to avoid battery degradation.

Can an Apple Watch battery be replaced?

Yes, an apple watch battery can be replaced. Once done with the performance check, you can take your device to a nearby Apple store. They will test your battery and replace it for you. If there was a manufacturing default, you’ll get it replaced at no charge. However, if the in-use device is below 80% battery health, they’ll still replace it and you’ll just have to pay for the process.

How long does Apple Watches last?

Apple Watches last up to three years before you see the performance declining. At this point, you will need to change the battery. After five years, they would require an upgrade as they start to lag.

How long does the new Apple Watch battery last?

The latest Apple Watch 7 has a battery timing of 18 hours. In power-saving mode, you can use it for a longer time. However, it drains fast if you use a lot of apps, doesn’t close the apps after use, receive a lot of notifications, or attend a phone call.

Should I charge my Apple Watch every night?

Apple watch works for 18 hours which means you will need to charge it every day. Since it has lithium-ion batteries, so the battery health does not get affected by repeated charging. The best time to charge is 90 minutes before bedtime if you use it to track your sleep. Moreover, a 75% to 25% charge cycle is recommended for a longer battery lifespan.

Is it bad to leave your Apple Watch dead?

Yes, the lithium-ion batteries will eventually die. So, it should not be fully discharged. If you want to store it, you can charge up to 50% and then turn it off. Switched-off devices discharge at a lower rate than when powered on.

Final Thoughts

If you observe your battery is draining fast, make sure the software is updated and disable the features that eat away at your battery.

Any apps that you use less frequently or are just using your space need to be deleted. Close the app after using it and don’t let multiple apps run in the background.

Your Apple Watch battery must last 18 hours. If you don’t find any significant changes after giving a fix then you should consider contacting Apple.

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